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Day 2 - new symptoms

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by DoughLady, May 9, 2013.

  1. DoughLady

    DoughLady New Member

    So I think by making direct statements about the symptoms of TMS that I experience, I have caused a (hopefully brief) exacerbation of symptoms plus some new ones. How frustrating! My arms and legs feel an intense pressure radiating from within. It has been "moving" all day and is now settled very painfully in my left arm just below the crook of my elbow.

    I should say my husband and I went to the mortgage lenders office this afternoon to sign for our new home. I can only imagine how my symptoms may increase & fluctuate between now and "closing" on June 17...How will I get through this?

    Many thanks to all.
  2. yb44

    yb44 Beloved Grand Eagle

    You don't happen to be left-handed do you - lol? The act of signing for a new home would be a real trigger. Even though it must be so exciting, part of you may be worried about it all. Just accept that you will have these worries. Think about them, write about them, say them out loud to your hubby or others close to you, anything to stop you from repressing them. You may be substituting the worry over your symptoms for the worry over this major change in your life.
  3. DoughLady

    DoughLady New Member

    That's a great point about the location of the pain having meaning! I am not left-handed, but certainly it could be related even if the specific location isn't quite right.

    I do have to practice not adding to general repression...that sharing my worries and concerns thing is not all that familiar to me, but I do have supportive people in my life I can count on to listen - I've just got to talk, even if I don't want to!
  4. Leslie

    Leslie Well known member

    Maybe the significance of the pain location is more about what you might be leaving behind rather than fear of what you're getting into? Also I thought it was interesting that it's right below your elbow (a turning point), but above your hand (just out of reach?).

    This is a tough one for me too. I think that on some level I perceive sharing my concerns as looking for help (something I'm trained from a very young age that I am not supposed to need as a perfectionist). I've been really forcing myself to do lately. The harder the thoughts are to share, or in my case, the more afraid I am of the response I might get when I do share - the more urgent that the thoughts fall upon someone else's ears. It's not easy but it has been very beneficial so far.

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