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day 2- getting to the root of my anger

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by bostonrunner23, Apr 6, 2023.

  1. bostonrunner23

    bostonrunner23 New Member

    Only on day 2, but I am a real believer in all of this. I guess what Im struggling with right now is getting to the root cause of my problem. My "pain" started in 2015 when I was a freshman very unhappy in college. I got into running since i wanted to lose weight. I started running about 3-5 miles per day. I developed low back pain. In 2017 I saw PT that finally worked. My PT said all I had to do was get stronger and I would be better. We worked together for 6 weeks, and then boom my back felt better. I ended up dealing with piriformis syndrome and mild low back pain when I was training for the boston marathon in 2019. after the marathon, and ver since, my feet havent stopped burning. Since 2019 Ive been affected by burning feet (tarsal tunnel syndrome), saphenous nerve entrapment, torn hip labrum, sciatica, low back pain, burning neck/shoulders. I cant help but think that all of this stemmed from that time in my life back in 2015 when I was miserable with my college life, so I developed an eating disorder and outlet in running. Ever since then Ive been on a downward trajectory. all of this time i thought it was the boston marathon that caused the pain, but maybe it was when I was searching for some control and stability in my life in 2015 when this all began. Maybe I have been extremely tense and angry since 2015. 8 years of anger...that adds up...lets keep going with this
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