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DAY 18

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by SME61, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. SME61

    SME61 Peer Supporter

    Hello Again All
    I am diligently making my way through the TMS SEP and for me it has been a rollercoaster. Sometimes, I feel pretty good, but other times this is not the case.

    Is it possible for the original symptom in my case lower leg pain and burning to be compounded by other issues that pop up?

    Now I have a terrible headache, some leg pain and a sore neck. I know that some of you have said that this is the symptom imperative as it is called.

    I am getting worried again and it seems like I am not getting better only worse.

    Can you someone offer me assurance or give me some tips on how to deal with this?

    I am meditating twice a day and this helps a bit,

  2. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, Steve. I'm sorry you are discouraged about healing, but know from others experiences that it is fairly common.
    Meditating and keeping positive are the best ways to treat discouragement. Keep saying positive affirmations.

    You may need to try to focus on doing things that you enjoy.

    You can find some good videos on overcoming worry and discouragement on Youtube.
    Or look up Youtube videos on being positive.

    I also have reasons to worry and be discouraged, but I just refuse to give in to them and let them dominate me.
    I'm trying my own advice to others and am laughing at myself and at life. "This, too, shall pass" is one of my favorite positive affirmations.
  3. SME61

    SME61 Peer Supporter

    Thanks for the reply. Are setbacks common?
    I was feeling so.much better last week and I really thought I was on my way to healing. I was off my prescription of Gabepentin and not taking any Advil and I did a 5 hour car ride with no issues. Now it feels like i am regressing and I have no idea what is causing it.

    Any thoughts appreciated!


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