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Day 17: What's most helpful and the current struggle

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by cookieheals, Dec 2, 2020.

  1. cookieheals

    cookieheals Well known member

    Hi all,

    I'm getting better. I'm able to think psychologically more, and the obsession with my body is receding. However, I wanted to ask a question- so now I have trigger pain, which according to a TMS therapist I found, can sometimes takes time. That;s the kind of pain that occurs in my knee only when I'm walking, and in the arch of my foot only when I'm standing for long periods of time. Toe sometimes still bugs me but it's on and off including that time i was so angry I slammed it into the ground a few times. It's still fine.

    The issue is now I don't want to engage in physical activity because it will feel uncomfortable. Yes, I can't dance. Yes, standing for a while is uncomfortable, yes, going down the stairs hurts a little on my knee, but if I'm just sitting I'm completely fine. Any words for this kind of situation? The kind whereby it's not chronic, just 'on the move' pain, and that feeling of uncomfotability making me not want to expose myself to activity, because the pain is painful, and scary?

    What's most helfpul about the program is the community.
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  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    or not...could be on the way out now.
    a normal response of frustration once we realize its TMS and want it gone NOW.
    Since your on day 17 I'll try to be nice here, BUT This mindframe is a small bit of the PHYSICOPHOBIA Sarno warned us about in "Healing Back Pain". He also said it was just as effective as the pain for keeping us distracted.

    That's what I loved about that guy. He was so old school and honest....

    I had knee discomfort for about two and a half days this past summer. After I did my writing about what I could possibly be angry about, I went out and ran on it, talking to myself about the anger I had just put down on paper. When it has been my shoulder, I do pushups... When it was my foot, jumping as hard as I can on it....all the while focusing on something I know that I am angry about. It always goes away...sometimes in real time, but usually in about 24 hours at the longest

    I have learned over 21 years , the faster I 'debunk' the TMS distraction, the sooner it leaves. If it gets in there or I regard it with anything other than skepticism, it might get some inertia and start to occupy my attention. This is also very similar to 'STOP' therapy I used to use to end OCD episodes, except it's out here in the physical world.

    Obviously at 17 days in it MIGHT be premature to try stuff I am doing with two decades of confidence, BUT my unconscious usually only needs about 2-4 weeks of shaking before it is ready to let go of something, so you are getting close to the time.

    I do remember when I was new (its here on the site somewhere) that I was really frustrated that the pain hadn't left....so I went for a sprint, in spite of being warned about all of the permanent damage that might cause. THAT day was the beginning of the end for TMS, even though the symptoms didn't go away immediately... they didn't get worse either, so that was a WIN

    TMS is a bully. We are your older siblings who knows you can beat the Bully's ass. After you beat his ass, you will no longer fear him.....realize he is a coward, loud but easily defeated.......... but you DO have to go into the ring and fight alone. All we can do is cheer and assure you we used to be as scared but no longer are.... You will win. You get to decide when.
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  3. Balsa11

    Balsa11 Well known member

    Probably tension from not moving around enough. If it's your knee that's hurting you can loosen it up by walking around and the pain should move or diffuse.

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