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day 16 question to ponder

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Belle, Mar 23, 2019.

  1. Belle

    Belle New Member

    I haven't really told many people about TMS outright because they wouldn't understand , and I when I tried fully explaining it my mother didn't really beleive me fully , so now I just keep it to myslef , but I do talk about how powerful the subconcious mind truly is...
  2. mister_burger

    mister_burger New Member

    Same for me. I told a few trustworthy people only. Many don't believe TMS can exist at all, so I avoid the topic.
    It reminds me of the 20/20 segment on Dr John Sarno : the journalist healed thanks to Dr Sarno, but when he told his own brother about it, the brother preferred to stay sick than try Dr Sarno's methods.
  3. Belle

    Belle New Member

    Yep very true I saw that video people can't believe that it is so easy I have doubts sometimes too but keeping to the program helps me!

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