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Day 16:Have you told someone

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by 444, Jun 11, 2021.

  1. 444

    444 Peer Supporter

    Well, day 16 of the Structure Program in the question to ponder asked, have you told someone. Yes, a few days ago I told a lady in the checkout line at Home Depo and today I loaned my Dr J. Sarno book to my neighbor. Also this morning I texted a former co-worker who I knew had experienced back pain in the past and asked about his back. He said, well that’s funny that you are asking because I’m getting a second opinion and looking at spinal fusion now. I told him not to do anything until he has looked into TMS. He’s going to call me tonight and I plan to have a long conversation with him. So yes I’ve told people and will tell anyone with pain that will listen.
  2. Cactusflower

    Cactusflower Well known member

    I did mention it to a friend who constantly had back pain at his job. New job, yoga -meditation and no more back pain. I mentioned it could have been emotional - he said maybe, or maybe he was sitting around too much. That was my own typical response when I first learned about Dr. Sarno, so I left it with him to think about.
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  3. hecate105

    hecate105 Beloved Grand Eagle

    I have told many people over the years since my recovery - people always ask 'how did you get rid of fibromyalgia?' as they have been diagnosed or a friend/relative has. Most people listen then declare that this would apply to other people but not them...!!! So it is always good to let people have the info - but do not be discouraged by people ignoring it and choosing to carry on living in pain etc.... it is their choice - you can lead a horse to water.....
    But when the odd person does take the courageous step in investigating their tms/their own psyche - it is a really wonderful moment - as you have shared something that has changed their life!
    So - we can choose to be courageous ourselves and let others know - but then do not get attached to the outcome - some will - some won't !!
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  4. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Sarno was originally recommended to me by my downstairs neighbor (who I wanted to KICK at the time when he told me I might have repressed rage...I had an MRI PROVING there was something wrong...dumbshit! LOL)

    In 22 or so years I have passed this along to a hand full of guys and gals. That has been helpful because I have friends who "get it'. If I have a little relapse , I can call them . We never even ask about symptoms, but "what's going on in your life?". Having someone ask the right questions is very important. One of my Buddies has an amazing ability to point out what I can't see right in front of my eyes.
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  5. 444

    444 Peer Supporter

    Hecate105, your description of spreading the word sounds so much like sharing the gospel. I’ve been convicted lately for my enthusiasm for sharing about TMS when compared to my lack of in sharing God’s word. This has been a learning experience on so many levels.
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  6. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    It is. The 'Gospel' is the good news, and this is really good news. I used to think all of the miracles in the bible were metaphors... then I read Sarno. I no longer think that. This is good news.

    RE: Whenever Jesus healed someone he told them two things. "Your faith has healed you" and "Sin No more"
    SIN means to miss the target (literally).... we were missing the target...not getting it. Once we get it, everything gets good...but we have to keep on getting it or "sin no more".

    TMS is also very instructive.
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