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Day 15

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by CMA, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. CMA

    CMA Peer Supporter

    Question To Ponder​

    During the past two weeks has your pain been moving around? How has this affected your belief in the diagnosis? If you feel comfortable sharing, then post your response in a thread in our Structured Program forum. We would love to hear from you.
    I have noticed in the past two weeks that my foot pain has moved around from heels, to the ball of the foot to achilles tendon, to ankles. Additionally I am experiencing anxiety and mini panic attacks which I am now convinced is all TMS. The pain moving around in my foot parts that is still allowing me to walk a couple of miles everyday with some pain and discomfort and lots of anxiety is reassuring me that it is nothing and only TMS. I am now able to relate lots of anxiety and pain as a result of that prior to walking/getting in the shower/getting out of bed as that is the time when I have always worried, felt foot pain the most.
  2. gailnyc

    gailnyc Well known member

    I can relate. I used to feel so much pain in the ball of my foot when I got in the shower. But about 4 weeks ago I started telling myself it was "fake pain." There was absolutely no reason for it. Now I am walking around barefoot in my house, not feeling any pain.

    I've also noticed that when I get home, even when I still have my sneakers on I feel less pain. I must be subconsciously anxious when I am at work, constantly anticipating pain at every moment. When I get home that goes away. I have been working lately at relaxing into my pain at work rather than tensing into it. I need to also remind myself that it is "fake," just like my ball-of-foot pain. But somehow it's harder to convince myself about the top-of-foot pain.

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