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Day 13

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Clio O'Toole, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. Clio O'Toole

    Clio O'Toole New Member

    So yesterday was a very good day. I realized while enjoying a lovely lunch with some folks I just met that the entire time I had no back pain. Of course once I told myself that the pain returned so I talk a little and told myself to go have a leisurely swim. And I did. The pain is present but not taking over my day. Today I did some gentle yoga and again spoke to myself about my health and strength. I am getting a lot out of this forum. The plies have been so supportive and I really appreciate it.
    I find evenings hard. I am tired after running around after my 15 mn old all day. So that's when I tend to give in to the pain. Tonight I am just telling myself I am just tired, mentally, physically. These intense temperatures boil my already hot Irish blood and makes me über testy. This pain will go away, like the heat, like everything else. This too shall pass.
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  2. Livvygurl

    Livvygurl Well known member

    I can relate about the on again/ off again pain. Mine is moving around today and I am gently confronting it. I felt some slight pain in my hip after a mild stretch, then I told myself to "think psychologically" and the pain moved to another location. I am in a relationship with the pain and I am catching onto the pain game – it is sneaky!
  3. veronica73

    veronica73 Well known member

    Glad to hear you are doing so much better. I hear you on the heat--I'm not a summer gal myself.
    Just like pain can seem to come on from certain activities (even though it's really just conditioning), it can also seem to come on from other unrelated things like a hot day or a certain time of day or being around certain people. It takes a while for the subconscious to really get that this is just TMS and not from anything you are doing.

    Good luck and glad to see your progress!
  4. Susan

    Susan Peer Supporter


    The pain game is what I call it, too. It takes such mindfulness to recognize what the brain is doing and how crafty it is in keeping us in its shell game. I am talking to my brain more and more, telling it to stop the game, I am on to it and had a really good day yesterday.

    We can persevere. I am sure of it and look forward to hearing all of you report days of relief strung together and the same for me.

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  5. Beach-Girl

    Beach-Girl Well known member

    Hi Clio:

    I too have pain especially at night. I think it's like you said - the end of a stress filled day. I have learned to step outdoors for a few minutes (not so warm here) and breathe in the lovely air. The mayhem is still there when I come back into the house - but this is how I handle my night pain. Small blocks of time that are just for me.

    The other thing I do is retire to my "Girl Cave" early. In this tiny space I have my books, a view of the outdoors and a TV. I have computer too but it's on the frtiz right now. My little family (half human/half cat) have come to expect this of me and I feel so much better the following morning if I get some alone time. Even 15 minutes is working for me.

    Little tools we learn along this journey are helpful. Some will work - others will not. It's about finding what works for you.

    Here's to pain free days!

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