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Day 13 Question to ponder

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Verde, Aug 20, 2021.

  1. Verde

    Verde Newcomer

    Hi All- Today's question is what article, book, blog, etc. has been most helpful. I think that Dr. Schubiner's lecture that I saw on YouTube was the most helpful. In it he uses two examples that demonstrate how we can have pain with no injury and no pain with injury. I see very clearly how I have pain after nights filled with nightmares, after the now death of a person that I used to call a friend (separate from the death of my companion 5 months ago) and I feel conflicted about what exactly I feel about her passing. In these cases nothing changed physically so how are some days completely pain free and others filled with physical pain. This the inquiring mind begs to know and I feel like Schubiner's lecture, which includes results from research trials has been the most helpful. Although all of it is helpful.
    If you go to YouTube and google him you will find 2 awesome one's one was a google talk and the other was to colleagues. I don't know the rules so I am not posting the link directly.
    Still hurting, still trying
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