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Day 11 - Kristina

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by kkcarlton, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. kkcarlton

    kkcarlton Peer Supporter

    Questions to ponder:
    When was the last time you exercised? Do you have any apprehension about exercising or engaging in physical activity?

    I exercised yesterday. My husband and I went for a bike ride together. The day before I did sort of a HIIT with jumping rope at home and the day before that I did an upper body weight/kettlebell work out. My work outs are not very long or intense yet, but that's mostly because I just recently started working out again.

    I don't have any apprehension about exercising. Sometimes a thought comes that this is not good for my back or neck, but I just tell my brain to stop and remind myself that the structural things I have been diagnosed with are not the cause of any pain.

    The only thing that can hold me back from doing certain things is heal pain, which started a few weeks ago. I believe it's an old neural pathway, since I dealt with right heal pain in the 90s, and Dr. Schubiner will confirm that for me when I see him at the end of this month. However, after walking a long time or doing a jog walk, it usually hurts so much that it's hard to walk on it. I want to push through but the pain when I step on it can get so bad that I just can't walk normally on it.

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