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Day 11 - Armchair Linguist

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by ebeecroft, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. ebeecroft

    ebeecroft New Member

    I am so grateful to have read Armchair Linguist's story. I would love to know specifically what she did to work through her problems as it relates to the self esteem. Up until this point I thought most people had TMS in a certain "area". Reading that her pain moved around and it didn't "make sense" is exactly what I've been living with for the past year. It started in my sacrum, moved to my SI, then my legs, up to my arms, and then also started affecting my nerves where my body would feel like it was on fire. At first the pain did not leave the originating locations, so I basically had pain over my entire body. I also had visible inflammation. All the while, nothing could be found medically wrong with me except for a slightly elevated CRP and SED rate. I am far better than I was, but like Armchair Linguist, there are bits that are sticking around that are enough to keep me from being active, and it moves around...my back where it hurts to breathe, my thighs so I can't take upward steps, my wrists, and my sacrum area. I was very physically active before this happened, and now, there are days where walking up the stairs hurts so bad. I'm grateful to at least know now that there are others that have pain in more than one location and that it moves around on them. Thank you Armchair Linguist for sharing your story!
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