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Day 11 and determined!

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Rainbow, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Rainbow

    Rainbow New Member

    I've got chronic fatigue syndrome and since I started the program I've had more energy and feel more positive.
    I'm writing in my journal every day. I'm finding that most of my journal entries come down to the same thing - feelings of anger, fear, and sadness. I wasn't out of touch with my feelings - I knew that I was feeling these things but I'm shocked at the extent of my anger - how much rage I still feel about things that happened years ago.
    I have started to have thoughts along the line of 'this won't work for me' - don't know where these negative thoughts come from. I'm not taking heed of them. I've seen enough improvement over just 11 days to make me continue.
  2. Lala

    Lala Well known member

    Hi Rainbow. Keep going. You are doing great. Chronic Fatigue is TMS. Steven Ozanich, in his book THE GREAT PAIN DECEPTION, talks about Chronic Fatigue syndrome and how repressed separation-rage, fear etc. can cause the body to overload and then eventually shut down (causing symptoms of severe exhaustion etc.). Also, did you know that only 5% of what you are actually feeling is conscious...the other 95% of your feelings are unconscious (Freud)...so when you talk about not realizing the extent of your negative emotions, what is happening is that you are finally beginning to uncover that other 95%...powerful stuff...keep journaling...you will get there!
  3. Rainbow

    Rainbow New Member

    Thanks! :) Good advice!

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