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Day 10 - Sticking points

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Perks, Jul 2, 2022.

  1. Perks

    Perks Newcomer

    I've had several weeks of being so busy that I've not been able to focus on the program and that has been hard. Do you get faster results if you work on it every day? I laugh at that because it doesn't sound outcome independent. I am getting better at practicing somatic tracking and meditating. I am seeing that I calm down more quickly or am able to work through emotions more quickly, which tends to reduce the pain more quickly.

    But I have one spot that never responds to anything. Not even modern medical treatments. It is the spot that crushes me when the pain hits and has some level of pain 24/7. It is hard, if not impossible to ignore, especially when the pain is high. There is nothing there on imaging and nothing wrong according to medical professionals, but it is the one spot I have a hard time assigning TMS only too.

    Are there sticking points that don't respond to TMS treatments even though no physical reason can be found for the pain? If I go through this program and that one spot has no change or improvement, what do I do then?

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