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Day 1

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by MichaelDaw, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. MichaelDaw

    MichaelDaw New Member

    I'm just beginning the structured programme. Up until last Friday, I hadn't heard of TMS or Dr Sarno.

    Since around February, I've gradually been developing nerve pains in my arms and hands. They started out mild and non-specific in my right arm only but have become more severe, more specific and in both arms over the last 5 months or so. They are definitely related to typing - the more I type, the more they hurt. Also, typing on a laptop makes them worse than typing at work. I've only recently begun to call the pain RSI.

    I've been to a sports physiotherapist who sorted out a kind-of-similar problem with the nerve in my right elbow two years ago with a funny exercise that made me look like I was doing an impression of an ancient Egyptian (check out The Bangles!). But she was baffled by this one so I stopped going after a few weeks. I've been through the NHS system: get referred by your GP, wait 6 weeks, see a consultant, get referred for a nerve conduction test, wait 6 weeks, have a painful test, wait 6 weeks, see the consultant again who says, "Good news! There's nothing wrong with you." Well fine, but why does it hurt so much then?

    I saw an acupuncturist a friend recommended, but only once. I didn't like it and it was very expensive. Before I booked a follow-up appointment, I thought I'd check out whether anyone else had had success with acupuncture and RSI. That's when Google directed me to: http://aaroniba.net/articles/tmp/how-i-cured-my-rsi-pain.html.

    This made me incredibly excited. I thought what I had would gradually get worse and worse (I was on the verge of buying voice recognition software) but reading Aaron's story gave me hope. So I ordered The Mindbody Prescription. I've read it already and I'm incredibly hopeful.

    I'm no stranger to the idea that our bodies create our health (and disease), having followed Deepak Chopra for many years. I also intermittently meditate. But we live in such a materialist world that it's easy to forget the idea and become imbued with the prevailing mindset. So there's a part of me that's still a big sceptic and I'm concerned this may hinder my getting better with this technique. But it's good to know there's no deadline! (Although the sooner the better please!)

    I fit the TMS diagnosis so well in terms of my personality type, the fact that I've been under a lot of stress recently (my job's been under threat) and that I put so much pressure on myself to do the right thing (I recently co-founded an environmental group in my home town and it's added a new commitment to my life). Plus I'm sure I have a load of suppressed rage from my childhood and numerous anxieties since then. So the whole thing fits.

    But, the fourth day after I heard about TMS, my arms still hurt as much. I guess it's early days.

    Anyway, day 1 of the structured programme and I've written my first post. Here we go...
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  2. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hey Michael and Welcome to the Peer Network!

    Maybe its because I also had severe so called RSI, but I saw a lot of similarities between your story and my own. One of the low points in my struggle with 18+ years of chronic pain was when a doctor said, Well, there is nothing wrong with you and there is nothing I can do for you. It can be very frustrating to hear, after having so many tests done, that a doctor can't do anything for you. Of course, this is primarily just due to giant blind spot most physicians have. They can't see the truth staring right at their face - that chronic pain is caused by repressed emotions.

    I also reached the point of using voice recognition software, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. The only thing it did was condition me to believing that typing was harmful. The worst part was that after using it, my voice started to go out. Of course, this was just the symptom imperative.

    Finding and reading TMS success stories online really helped me accept the diagnosis and overcome my initial doubt. It is great to see that the same has worked for you as well. I would encourage you to continue to read the Mindbody Prescription and the stories of people who have been there. The more TMS knowledge you consume the better. Also, start trying to challenge yourself more and more. If you are using ergonomic keyboards or mouses through them away and use a regular one.

    Recovery can take some time so be patient. If you keep doing the work and keep educating yourself about TMS the message will slowly but surely sink its way into your unconscious. I know that you can get better, because I had severe RSI and am now pain free and typing on a laptop all day long with absolutely no pain!
  3. MichaelDaw

    MichaelDaw New Member

    Thanks for the encouraging words, Forest. Good to hear your story. I take your point about the ergonomic stuff, but this new mouse I've bought really is very comfortable! The thing for me is not buying the voice recognition software and ignoring the fear of typing. Because I now know the pain doesn't have a structural cause, there's no need for me to be afraid. I've also started wearing my watch again after 2-3 months without. I'll keep you all posted with how the treatment goes...
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