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Day 1

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Joyray, Jul 4, 2022.

  1. Joyray

    Joyray New Member

    I have been researching and experimenting with many somatic practices intended to free one from chronic pain and mystery symptoms. Only recently have I delved into Sarno's work and this site. I have been writing daily for a few weeks. I have ME/CFS/EDS and cipro damage. But of course, there is no known cause for ME. I thought I had lyme for many years, probably did. About 8 weeks ago, I hurt my left knee, I knew in a way that would be a problem long term. It took about 6 weeks to get an MRI and I do have a torn meniscus. The weird part about the knee pain was that it spread to both my legs and my right knee. So, there is indeed a structural problem, but there was nothing structural about what happened to my legs and other knee. I had burning sensations, moving sensations, buzzing, twitches, and a lot of pain. That has gone since I started saying "it's psychological" to my body. And now only have the left knee discomfort. So, I am hoping that some of our issues can still be TMS even when there IS a structural problem involved. My symptoms have always moved around and changed. I am now having shoulder issue started 2 days ago. I have heard that flare ups can happen when you start this process. I guess I am still very doubtful because I do have structural issues, and would love to hear how you navigate this if you have both, structural and TMS.

    A life without TMS would mean so much to me, I would LIVE so fully, which I am trying to do anyway. But I would work and be able to support myself and not be stuck in poverty due to illness. I would hopefully find love and continue my painting journey. I would walk and hike and spend time in nature.
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  2. Booble

    Booble Well known member

    Hi there. I'm new to TMS too and also in the CFS/ME camp with POTS, MCAS so I hear you. The one thing I've noticed is that CFS/ME people are realllly good at focusing 150% on symptoms and trying this solution and that solution and on and on and on. I understand. When standard healthcare isn't helping, you start to fend for yourself.

    I feel like to some degree I can differentiate between things. For example pain. I'm pretty sure a certain pain I get is from when I lay a certain way -that one structural. Yet the pain in my front which has moved from my teeth to my chest to my throat--- that I think is TMS created.
    With POTS when I stand up and my heartbeat goes from 60 or 70 to 120. That's structural. But when I DWELL on it and the tachycardia stays longer or comes when I wake up in the middle of the night or when I notice my heart pounding hard when I'm sitting and reading posts or working, that's more TMS related or enhanced. Since I've been aware of the TMS thing, my POTS is more just like standard POTS and not really effecting me for the most part. (As long as I'm careful getting up, especially when it's really hot out, etc.) I just say -- yep my heart is racing. Whatev. I don't need me to supervise it.

    I think a lot of CFS/ME people could benefit but I also know there are a lot of emotions around it after being told by doctors for years "it's all in your head."
    So most are not going to take super kindly to the information. Especially as you say there is sort of a mixture of things that are structural along with the making it worse or creating new symptoms from the unconscious emotions. Certainly CFS/ME people and all the associated ills are well distracted with all the symptoms!

    PS. Plus look at the personality types. They are the same: CFS/ME full of driven, striving personalities.

    Good luck with your journey! Enjoy your painting and try take those walks in nature.
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  3. Joyray

    Joyray New Member

    Thanks Booble! You sharing this is actually super helpful. I agree that many with ME/CFS may not be able to accept this because of the medical trauma, which is no joke. But I appreciate your approach, of starting to be able to discern what is structural and what is TMS. I am doing the same, but some of the things that are structural, can still be moved (I am noticing) by doing the TMS work, the writing etc. So, it will be a journey. If all this does is get rid of the pain, I will be very happy. But there is a trend of people doing "limbic system retraining" and that is working for long standing ME and Long Covid, so perhaps there is another element at play. There is the unconscious rage and unmet emotions that cause pain, but then there is also the traumas that have "flipped a switch" in the nervous system, putting us into fight or flight, or into hightened autonomic response for long periods of time. Somehow these two things seem distinct from one another to me. Do you see that or perhaps I am missing a piece of info that could tie them together. They are similar and are effecting the body in similar ways, and maybe the nervous system being changed to such a degree predisposes one to TMS symptoms. Just thinking out loud and trying to decode the mystery.
  4. Booble

    Booble Well known member

    Hi Jray - I think that the "flipped a switch thing" is just something we want to believe to explain what's happening to us. I've gone through periods of sustained autonomic overdrive. It did not last forever. The "switch" goes back once the body feels safe again. That may take days, weeks or months. Not something that you have to worry about because the adrenals will settle. The problem with CFS/ME is that we think too much. We study too much. When you start to let go and realize that the body can take care of itself -- it's an involuntary system --- it does so much better. WE keep getting in the way of ourselves.
    I think that's why the TMS solution seems to work so well. We stop getting in the way. We only have to worry about releasing the mental tension, the anger that we don't even know we have, the hidden trauma, the fears and the body takes care of the health part.
    I'm new into this and I can tell you it's working really fast and really well.
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