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Day 1

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by kmm123, Oct 17, 2021.

  1. kmm123

    kmm123 Newcomer

    Starting this is hopes of helping an ongoing eye issue that started with trying lash extensions for the first time. I have have ongoing dry eye/burning/swollen lids that have been almost debilitating. Dx with ocular rosacea, blepharotis, MGD, etc. Have done the various dry eye treatments for months. Little help. I am starting to believe TMS is playing a role. Or is completely responsible. I’m not quite there yet. This all started after a period of high stress incuding breast cancer. I was worried before the lash extensions it would go badly but thought I was over reacting. So the day after the extensions when I had irritation I basically freaked out. Went to the eye doctor then opthamologist. Symptoms increasingly worse. I had several doctors actually tell me I looked way better than how I felt. That my eyes did not look bad. But then went to one dry eye doctor who did think I had all sorts of issues and started me on various treatments. They have helped with some symptoms to a degree. I have been very anxious and depressed about how this is impacting my life. I know I am over focused on my eyes. I am scaring myself. I have read Sarnos books, The Way Out, and am working on Curable. I also see a therapist who works on regulating the nervous system. I’m continuing with dry eye treatment right now. I am stating to work on this from a TMS angle with hopes of decreasing the then phasing out the dry eye treatments. So. That is the short version of my story.

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