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Day 1

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by hsbarry, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. hsbarry

    hsbarry Peer Supporter

    I have been dealing with pain for twenty years. I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis and maybe irritable bowel syndrome. I have a difficult time translating all of Dr. Sarno's information about back pain to these two conditions. I do recognize my personality traits as classic TMS. My symptoms do wax and wane some or move around a bit. However, most all of my symptoms have been in my pelvis. I keep thinking something else might be wrong. It is hard not to think like that, but isn't that, too, classic TMS? I'm looking forward to working through this site.
  2. Stella

    Stella Well known member

    Oh HSBarry,
    I had Interstitial Cystitis. I hate to even think about it it was sooooo painful. And pelvic cramping in my abdomen, glutz, thighs, crouch, IT band, myofascial pain....oh yikes.

    I kept asking the Doc....what causes this? Nobody knows....... what comes first, the cramping or the IC. Nobody knows.....Dr. Sarno talks about TMS being illnesses that are unexplainable....this be it.
  3. Stella

    Stella Well known member

    3 months before I got IC a good friends daughter had this. Then I got it 3 months later after the discussion..umh.... very interesting. My Urogynecolgist's practice has exploded with IC patients. This sounds like back pain to me. IC is now in vogue.

    You have come to the right place. Welcome hsbarry
  4. Anne Walker

    Anne Walker Beloved Grand Eagle

    I also had IC and from what I understood it is what my doctors called it after they couldn't find anything else wrong. I didn't have any pain in my bladder for over a year and then when I started working on TMS(for the pain in my neck/head) the IC came back a few times but only lasting for a day or two each time.
  5. Endless luke

    Endless luke Well known member

    Congratulations on starting this program- it took me a long time to get going. You are right that thinking it's not TMS is classic TMS. Analyzing your defenses against belief is a great thing to work on.

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