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Day 1

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Pam Fuze, Nov 17, 2019.

  1. Pam Fuze

    Pam Fuze Newcomer

    My current level of acceptance is that I really want to believe, but my only doubt is to get a chest clinic appointment out of the way, hopefully showing there's no diagnosis for my recent chest pain.

    A friend put me onto Sarno's book a couple of years ago because of ongoing achilles tendonitis and lower back pain. I read the book, but didn't really get to a level of belief for reasons I can't now remember (maybe the problems improved, lol!).

    The book came back to me a few days ago after having a particularly painful day ... what I've been putting down to a pectoral strain but secretly hoping it's not something more sinister; a visit to A&E last week ruled out any heart problems. I lamented to my husband that it's just been one thing after for the last few years: intermittent lower back pain, achilles tendonitis repeatedly in alternate legs for months at a time, a frozen shoulder that lasted over a year, a weird heel-pad pain for four months, and most recently for the last just over a month, a chest pain that shifts around.

    AThis lamenting suddenly brought to memory TMS - how the 'one thing after another' was looking a lot like it. The achilles has meant I've been unable to run regularly - as soon as it heels, I get back into running for a few weeks, then bam, it's the other leg. I took up yoga to keep fit when I couldn't run - 2.5 yrs practising almost every day now, and it feels great, both body and mind ... but then this chest pain came along a month ago, and I can't even do that as I'm in pain afterwards.

    Hmm. Hello, mind, are you even now stopping me from my mindful yoga practice? Really?

    I'm now ready to accept TMS and move one. Just since reading Week 0 a few nights ago, the chest pain has not been there for two full days! I'm tentative - I'm waiting for that chest clinic appt, but it doesn't seem so urgent any more ... I'm going to go for a little jog later today and see if any pain returns.

    A really great goal for me would be to run 10km again. My osteo has told me that my achilles tendons are weak and I should limit my runs to no more than 5-6k no more than 2-3 times a week. So I don't know whether that physical diagnosis means I really won't ever be able to run longer distances, but I'm hopeful. Another half marathon would be amazing, but hey, let's not get carried away!
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  2. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Pam,

    Welcome to the Forum and the SEP!

    You have a lot of support for a TMS diagnosis, as you already know:
    -symptoms change from one side to another
    -symptom stops, another starts
    -symptom "moves around" like your chest pain.

    I hope you get an "all clear" from your latest exam, and then proceed with confidence in the SEP program.

    The lack of chest pain lately is encouraging! And don't be discouraged if it comes back. This is a process.

    Also, about the Achilles, I would think that in time you'll recover completely. Why wouldn't you?! Take hope and confidence that the osteo is not "all seeing." Gradually increasing activity over time is a pretty safe bet. Of course I don't know the whole story...

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