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Day 1

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by ChristineJ, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. ChristineJ

    ChristineJ Newcomer

    I have been suffering from sciatica for 15 weeks now. I had been to the ER 3 times in a month. I had a MRI eventually that showed an extrusion at L5 S1. I thought worse case immediately. My brother-in-law told me I had to read Healing Back Pain by Dr. Sarno and that it had changed his life. His back used to go out several times a year. I ordered the book and it sat on my nightstand for well over a month. While it sat there I was going to chiro, physical therapy weekly, accupuncture, 2 epidural steroid injections, spinal decompression and numerous home remedies.....after the 2nd epidural seemed to not work I had started to accept that I was headed for surgery. I had already had a surgery consult and have been waiting for insurance approval for a microdiscetomy. It was denied last Thursday and I picked up Sarno’s book on Saturday. I was blown away. I have so many of the signs of TMS. I have also suffered from An anxiety disorder which was diagnosed in my early 20’s but I am sure I had since early childhood. I have experienced trauma as a child which manifested physically in my early 20’s which led to GAD diagnosis. I have suffered panic attacks for many years in my early married life after stressful situations in life.

    I have been reading lots of info on here today. Doing the exercises on Day 1. Want to really commit to this. Tried to locate a doctor/therapist in my area but not much luck. I want to make sure I am focusing on the right things emotionally but maybe they just come up as I go on this journey?? I guess I will find out. Thankful to have found this site and feeling hopeful for the first time in 15 weeks. I alway said that my anxiety gave me physical symptoms to distract me but I never put it together that back pain with a herniated disc could be my mind getting creative with its distractions. I have had a lot of added stresses this year that I have “stuffed in my shoe” and not dealt with.
    Here’s to healing.......
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  2. ssxl4000

    ssxl4000 Well known member

    Hi Christine...I would advise not to worry too much about focusing on the right things. Just work with whatever you uncover. The treatment can become it's own stress if we worry about it too much. I think I found my biggest emotional issue towards the end of the treatment program, and that was fine. Just coming to accept and fully believe the pain is caused by your brain is a huge part of the battle anyway, at least for me. Dealing with the emotional issues takes longer, and that's okay. Keep up the good work and you will feel better!
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