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  1. hopefulformyself123

    hopefulformyself123 New Member

    Wow So i just don’t even know where Start
    My journey with chronic pain has been a long and hard one
    Mine started On a specific day
    I had an operation which caused ‘nerve damage’ and since that day I have had pains in various and moving places all over
    I’ve manages to have two health children and after each birth a new pain started
    Still I was told it’s pregnancy weakness, lifting the babies, pelvic pain blah blah
    Since having my second baby 8 months ago the pain is at its very worst
    I’ve spent hundreds on physio and yet here I am still in agony
    I downloaded an app called curable which uses John Sarnos principles
    Absolutely everything he says in his books describe me, growing pains, ocd as a child, family illness (mother when I was young) Ibs, personality traits etc
    It’s me
    I have tms I know it
    I am scared tho
    Scared because I am still in pain even after reading the book and watching the videos
    I want to be healthy and healed and I’m scared it won’t happen
    I will be the small percentage who can’t do it
    But already I feel better in other ways, through using the app for a month or two my partner even notices the difference
    Not in my pain but in my mental attitude
    I could write for hours about the things pain has stripped me off
    But it’s too hard and my hands are starting to hurt (bugger off tms)
    I’m in the uk and I feel this just isn’t really acknowledged here
    I found one councillor who deals with this but she isn’t working at the moment
    So here I am
    Nothing to loose
    I’m scared tho because this is the end of the road last resort so to speak
    But I have my babies to think of and I am determined to give them the best life I can
    I don’t expect any replies to this but I’m glad I’ve found this place

    Going on a shopping trip today, something I haven’t done for about 3 years
    Wish me luck
    Alice x
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  2. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Alice x, and Welcome!

    You're going great work for yourself! While your fears are natural, don't let them run you. They are only thoughts, these fears that you won't be successful. Dr. Sarno said that the fear is the biggest element, even greater than pain. Treat the fear as TMS: what is it that "does not want to be felt?" What emotional alarms are going off below the apparent fear?

    I hope you recognize, and hold close to your heart what your partner is seeing:

    You're already succeeding!

    I guess you've checked the Wiki for practitioners, but my understanding is that Georgie Oldfield does skillful work, and has trained others, in the UK. You might check her out.

    Thanks for the check-in, and good luck with your work. Finding individual help is a good supplement for the Curable App or the SEP. In any case be as patient as possible, and reassure yourself that you're getting better and can do more!

    Andy B
  3. hopefulformyself123

    hopefulformyself123 New Member

    Hi Andy, thankyou so much for replying!
    And thankyou for the suggestion I have found her website and sent her an email
    I think she does stuff online so I wouldn’t have to travel which with two kids would be impossible
    So thankyou
    Hopefully I will hear back from her!

    Having a rough day, normal life stresses are winning today, housework broken phone and pain seems to be getting worse but I’m going to crack on with day two of the programme!
    Thankyou x
  4. Allissa RS

    Allissa RS New Member

    Hi Alice,

    I hear my story in yours.
    I two have pelvic pain post birth.
    I am so much better in the last 2 months from curable app and SEP. Really it is only the last week I have experienced some brief pain free moments.
    It's a bizarre feeling as pain has been previously been switched he'd on as a constant.
    I describe the way pain is disappearing as kind of 'ghostly'...like I can feel that I am experiencing a ghost of the pain message in my pelvis...it's not really there anymore...or a least it's a 'ghost' image of what it was...
    Bizarre explanation I know ...but it really is a brain rewiring going on I truely believe. And it takes time.
    Wishing you (and us both) love and luck!

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