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"Day 1"

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by spbasketball1328, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. spbasketball1328

    spbasketball1328 New Member

    Since I have been enlightened about the theory of TMS I have made improvements but am hoping for more steady and lasting result through doing this program. I fully believe I have TMS as I read The MindBody Prescription and saw myself throughout the book. My pain began when I was a senior in high school. I was a basketball player who devoted his life to the game. I had lots of pressure on me internally and externally. I was and am a perfectionist, sharp self critic and try and make everyone like me. Since my initial pain in my groin I have had nearly every pain you could imagine from basketball. Every time something got better something else emerged and I was in this cycle. This has been a cycle that has lasted for 4 years and I have been wondering what is wrong with me the whole way it is not possible to be hurt this much. The pain has forced me to transfer numerous times in college for basketball. I have had two foot surgeries and a hip surgery and I believe most of it was unnecessary because it was TMS and normal abnormalities. It has also created OCD, Depression and anxiety within me.

    Currently I have been having pain in my arms, foot and abs ocassionally. I almost had surgery on my ulnar nerves bilateral this summer before someone brought up TMS to me. Thank God they did too because it was going to be a brutal surgery. I have been getting better since I started treatment but not all the way. I know it is a process and I am will to put in the time to get better and improve. I am hoping to hear advice about how others dealt with this and with set back along the way. Meditation has been great for me throughout my healing so far.
  2. Stella

    Stella Well known member

    Yes, you have TMS and you are going to get much better. You can do this...yes, you can.

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