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Day 1

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Alliej, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. Alliej

    Alliej Newcomer

    Hi, my name is Anna, I've been sick for about 13 years with many invisible symptoms, doctors always say I'm fine, it's been very frustrating. I've mainly put everything down to food sensitivities, I cut out gluten for years and now I've cut out dairy, yet still don't ever feel great. I get very depressed that I can't eat normally, and just enjoy social situations, it doesn't help that I'm one of the biggest foodies I know!! Years ago my signature dish was lasagna, the thought of eating that now is just crazy! But I've always had such a strong belief in the mind body connection, and when I think about it, I feel pretty much the same now without these things, as when I ate these things years ago, never that great. I just came across this programme yesterday and it's confirmed everything I've always believed. I just had a little butter to test the theory and immediately I'm getting aches in my legs. There is no way I could react that quickly, so I know that is psychosomatic!! There are many things that just don't add up for me. I used to say when I cut dairy out my teeth became very sensitive, now when I have it they become sensitive!!! It just makes no sense. Sometimes I get very bloated, and other times, from the same food I don't. I'd almost given up hope before I came across this method yesterday. I also have huge anxiety and insecurity issues, which I always say get much worse with those foods, yet this weekend I had very anxious episodes yet didn't each either gluten or dairy. I'm just soooo sick of thinking about food and obsessing, I can't imagine how free I would feel without any of that. I definitely don't keep an eye on my emotions, beat myself up, practically torture myself all the time about what people think, making a fool of myself, acting weird and socially awkward, thinking people don't want to be around me. I perform on stage, which can be very tough when I lose my confidence, and it will stay with me for weeks, I'll obsess over it and find it very hard to let go, feel so embarrassed for myself. I've also always had huge issues about how I look. The list is endless!!! Had a terrible emotionally abusive relationship in my early 20's which I'm sure helped to kick start everything. It threw my already fragile confidence into the gutter. Anyway, this is day 1, and I'm excited!! I already truly believe that it's all coming from my emotion and thoughts so that will help I'm sure!!
  2. Dahlia

    Dahlia Well known member

    Welcome, Anna. You've found a great resource here for info and support.
  3. Chimpmama

    Chimpmama Peer Supporter

    Welcome, Anna. The program is being magical for me in a short time. May it give you many gifts.
  4. Alliej

    Alliej Newcomer

    Thank you! Have you come across many members who have overcome food sensitivities?

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