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Day 1

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Livinginhope, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Livinginhope

    Livinginhope Peer Supporter

    I am starting today. I have totally embraced the idea that this is in my head because I have a mind like a steel trap. I used to think that that was a good thing; now I know that perhaps, not so much. I am also a chronic Lyme patient, I think, at least according to my Lyme Literate doctor. I have found over the years that I move from one diagnosis to another; nothing, hopefully that will kill me, just enough for me to become obsessed with finding a cure. The medical/alternative community love me as I feel that I am single handedly keeping them all afloat. When my Chinese acupuncturist told me to "relax", I mentioned to him that I didn't see any Asians in his waiting room. Just more Type A folks like me and that he should be grateful to us for we are paying his kids tuition through college. He chuckled, but knew that he was counting on us and I was not about to disappoint. My thought for today going forward is is this program just another obsession for me or will I learn how to live without a new health project?
  2. jaumeb

    jaumeb Peer Supporter

    Just don't be too obsessed about TMS and try to do stuff you want to do or find distractions. TMS is not a magical cure that will ban all your symptoms forever. TMS will give you understanding about why your symptoms are there. Hopefully you'll find that you have better things to do than spending time and money on futile "health projects" that don't help in any way.

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