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Day 1

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by seangela, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. seangela

    seangela New Member

    I believe I have had TMS off and on throughout my life. I was hospitalized at the age of 9, unable to walk for a week, because of excruciating leg pain. At 39, I developed pain in my arm that sent me to numerous doctors and eventually a pain clinic where I had a spinal cord stimulator implanted. The pain lessened over the next two years and I had the stimulator removed. A little over a year ago, I started having lower back pain. It wasn't until I researched healing lower back pain on the internet that I came across Sarno's book and believers. I have been reading and re-reading his books, along with others who support TMS. I know I have TMS. I have started seeing a therapist to help address underlying issues, but am frustrated at my lack of success. I still have the same, if not more pain, than I had a year ago. I know I'm not supposed to rush healing, and worrying about how long it takes only makes things worse. But it is so hard to keep trying to be positive and tell myself to ignore the pain when I don't see any improvement whatsoever. Advise? Suggestions?
  2. Reddog

    Reddog New Member

    Welcome seangela. I'm a new comer myself but I feel like I should be welcoming to others and offer what help I can and not just left everyone offer advice to me. Nor do I think I have to wait to be healed.

    Like you I've been wrestling with my pain and trying to heal through TMS for awhile. There surely are no guarantees but as I see it there's nothing left in the "back treatment world" left for me. And just reading the customer reviews of Dr. Sarno's books on Amazon.com is proof that when it comes to chronic pain there's more hope to find relief through accepting TMS as the cause than any other method out there.

    I'm a physical therapist myself and what I know is my belief system about pain has changed radically. I think we all start off thinking TMS is a load of malarky and Dr. Sarno is crazy. Then we come to believe TMS is real and Dr. Sarno is a medical visionary about all of this. Except about ourselves. BUt I know as my belief system about pain evolves so will my real beliefs about my own pain. And that's when true healing can begin.

    So just keep reading and believing until you believe it about yourself.
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