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Day 1

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Alex1991, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Alex1991

    Alex1991 New Member

    My name is alex and im 24 right now. The first time i had back pain was in 20 years old, but it was really low pain and never really bothered me. In 20 years old was also the first time also that i felt anxiety attack. When im thinking about it now, the back pain started just a little bit after the anxiety attack. At that time i was in the army, like we all do in my country from 18 to 21 years old. I remember that i had some lower back pain (not serius at all) and sometimes pain in my trapezois. that was when i meet a blind trigger points masseger, that lived in my neiberhood. He was really good, at what he did and he helped me. At that time i was also in therapy by a psychotherapist from the army, and i learn alot about my self and about the problematic relationships that i had with my family espessialy with my parents. Over the years till this day i was very active. I was working, learning, and i did sports like swmimng and crossfiting and i was pretty good at it. From time to time i had a bit of pain attacks for most it was in my upperbody and neck pain, so when i had this pain i was returning to my blinded massagist. And alot of the time i had this a little bit neck disconfort or tense erector spinae in my upperbody but that not really bothered me much.

    Just to mention after i finished the army i had to finish the with my psychotherapist because u can only go to him when u serve in the army, and started to going to another psychotherapist (she is a woman, the first one was a man) till now actaully.

    I didnt supper from much pain in 22 to 23 and i was pretty much happy and emotionaly balanced.

    I started studying in a college last year at october, and the pain started to a little bit bother not really much.. And i left my massagesit for the first time for acupuncture in desember last year but it helped just a bit (i been doing it for 6 months).

    Now this year has become the toughest year i ever had like a nightmare. It started with and agreement that we will separate with my pychotherapist, and started to make less apointments. Than it happened in a middle of a psychotherapy session some severe anxiety just pop out. I was suffering from it at first very badly, and at the same time a had to study amd to work. And because i didnt hace enough money i couldnt treat that anxiety to the core because we didnt have enough treatment sessions. The anxiety never really left me and sometimes i have some attacks till this day.
    My pain in the neck got a lot worthier
    So i got to my family doctor to get CT diagnose. In my neck CT it was writen everything was just fine. No bulging discs no nothing. But i still had thos severe neck pain attacks. Than i tried to treat my self with ostiopath, and he told me that i dont have a neck problem but i rather look at my lower back. I did so. My CT was pretty bad, 3 buldging discs with pressure on my nerves. i said what the heck.. I dont even have a lower back pain..
    I dont know how or what he meant but the ostiopath said that the neck pain coming from the lower back. With all this diagnoze i got to 2 orthopedists, one told me i do have bulgding discs in my neck plus my lower back. The other one told me i have only a bulging disc at my lower back. At that point i was very confused, frustrated, and having pain in both in my lower back and legs and sometimes neck pain and arms. I started Alexander technique and a physiotherapist treatment. I returned to swim everyday, and making some back streches.at the same time i was looking in the internet and found some articels about "healing back pain" and tms. So i read the book about 3 weeks ago. By now i dont have any improvement. And i started a job where i sit alot, so i feel like the pain in my neck is got worthier. Well i really hope it will all end sometime..

    and i beg forgiveness for my bad english hope everything is just clear
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2016
  2. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, Alex. Welcome to TMS healing. The SEProgram is going to help you become healthy and happy again and even better than ever before.

    I think you should not be concerned about any discs bulging. Dr. Sarno says that is common but rarely causes pain. Your pain most likely comes from repressed emotions and you will learn what those are by journaling in the SEProgram. Mine came from my childhood, as may others have found. Something recent may have triggered those repressed emotions in you.

    You've just begun the program, so be patient. And be confident that you are going to heal. That's one of the main things... believing in TMS.

    Most of us sit a lot, probably too much, in our job. Try to get up every 20 minutes or half hour and stretch or walk around.
  3. Alex1991

    Alex1991 New Member

    Thanks for the support Walt. U said "rarely causes pain" how can i know for sure that my buldging discs are not causing me the pain?

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