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Day 1

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by DC123, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. DC123

    DC123 New Member

    I apologize for the long read but I felt it was best for me to put everything out. I appreciate anyone who reads. Well here we go......

    It has been about four weeks since I have completed "Healing Back Pain" and without a doubt I know this is my ticket to being "cured" since I have seen such improvement. I have had a couple of hiccups, which is why I decided to try the SEP.

    Last summer I was in probably in my best shape I have ever been in physically (25 years old). I was lifting heavy weights, doing yoga, and going for long runs. Early July after a workout I came home and felt a heavy pressure on my chest. I felt as if I was having a heart attack. I pushed it off, and continued on with my day. I continued having a burning sensation mixed with a heavy pressure. I decided to go see a doctor who then told me I had Pericarditis, which is inflammation of the sac that is around your heart. She told me that it is wise to not be active, to sit and rest and take heavy dose of anti-inflammatory as this was a serious condition. After a month I felt no progress with my condition and was beginning to have issues with my stomach from the ibuprofen. I laid on the couch and everyday felt like I was getting weaker and felt nervous about my heart. I decided to go see a Naturopath and she said it was not my heart but inflammation of the cartilage in my chest called Costochondritis (which made way more sense). She told me I was going to be fine and that this was not a life threatening condition.

    I instantly felt better. I went back into the gym and slowly started working out again (only doing lower body and cardio). I still had the condition but I remember what she said about it not being life threatening and I was able to keep my head straight. I could feel the symptoms begin to decrease but during that span I felt my lower back begin to ache. Nothing serious at first but over time it slowly became worse and worse. It would flare up once a day and last for an hour or so. It did not matter if I stretched or foam rolled the feeling up discomfort did not seem to decrease. One thing I noticed then (even before I knew of tms) was my chest and lower back would never hurt at the same time. It seemed only one would act up. But like I said my back ache only lasted about an hour a day.

    Then in December I was driving down the street to head to the store to grab supplies for my wife and I's honeymoon that we were about to leave for when all the sudden I was rear ended but someone texting and driving. I would say it was a aggressive as being in a bumper car. It did not feel like a serious accident. But my back made a turn for the worse. From that point on every minute of every day I felt chronic mid back ache and a sharp jolting sensation in my sacrum. I could no longer work out, do any physical activity, or even sit on my couch. I went through 3 new mattresses and a new couch thinking that would help. I tried two physical therapists and two chiropractors. Physical therapy seemed to make it much worse.

    My second chiropractor did not adjust me at all but focused more and basic movement practice and I felt some improvement. But I still could not work out or go do any physical activity. About 5 weeks ago he told me "I honestly think that your body is healed but for some reason your nervous system is still sending pain signals". He heard about "Healing Back Pain" and he thought I should give it a shot.

    I felt about 70% better within the first two weeks of reading the book. I was back in the gym and working on my yard and almost felt "normal". I went to Disneyland and I for sure thought before the book I would just walk around and not do anything but I was able to do all the rides and have fun with me family.

    When I got back from Disneyland I truly knew I had no back abnormality, if I did I would have dropped to the floor many times after going on rides. But when I got back I started having serious stomach pain, it was so bad that I was afraid to eat meals due to the pain that would be brought on. I knew that my tms was jumping symptoms so I applied the same approach to my stomach issue and within a few days my symptoms decreased but I felt my back issue come right back. This time I developed a bit of anxiety with the back issue (I feel now it is arthritis in my back and not tms). I know it is tms but more now than ever I get small doubts

    This is why I have decided to try SEP. I feel like I need a new approach to hopefully drive this out for good. I do believe my condition is tms. Even though when my back does ache I start to stretch thinking that will help. I do have doubt that I may be that small percentage that does not heal and lives with this. But I know this is also something I will need to wake up every day and fight it in order to drive it off.

    Sorry for the long rant. Any comment will be appreciated!!

    Have a great day!!
  2. hecate105

    hecate105 Beloved Grand Eagle

    The fact that your pain has moved from one place to another and 'flared' up at different times gives you the answer. It is almost definitley tms - keep on with the SEP and be aware that when you are working around stuff that 'triggers' you - you will get flares of pain and if you can link when this happens to what you were doing on the SEP or to your emotions/psychological state - you will find the answers as to why you have the tms. Could be stress from family members, pressure from others (work/school) try and remember when you first felt that way. Once we discover the 'root' of the tms - it fails to keep a hold on us.... good luck

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