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Day 1 week 1 SEP, level of acceptance

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by ng88, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. ng88

    ng88 New Member

    Write a short post about the level of acceptance you have of the TMS diagnosis, and of any doubts or worries you may have at this point.

    I believe I have TMS, I am just scared to fully commit to stopping physical therapy and bending down to pick things up. In my mind bending down means popping my hip out of place and being in pain for days even weeks. I have bent down and picked things up numerous times with no issues but it still terrifies me.

    I really think I have TMS but I feel like my brain is so conditioned to think i'm this fragile broken being it doesn't let me fully accept my diagnosis. I think I'm at about 70% acceptance. I know I just need to do the things my brain tells me to avoid; bend down, sit for extended periods of time. I have been dealing with these negative cycles for 4 years now. I will begin tomorrow and start bending down to lift things up and stop being afraid.
    I am also worried it won't be true. I am such a perfectionist and I always worry about things failing. If I see a negative result one time it ruins my image of things. I worry that if I start living as if I have no injury that something will happen and then I will doubt TMS even though I know it to be my diagnosis!

    I do have strong faith that I can get to 100% acceptance. I will read the book again, I have ordered the divided mind and over the past week have even started doing activities I never do. I have faith I will come out strong.
  2. Anders

    Anders New Member

    Good luck. Remember even if bending should hurt that doesn't mean you don't have TMS. Healing can take time. If you use your body and do things you normally wouldn't do then it's a succes whether it hurts or not.

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