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Day 1: TMS is back

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by TeriL, May 24, 2016.

  1. TeriL

    TeriL New Member

    I got rid of back pain over 10 years ago. TMS has shifted to various areas over the years (elbow, hip, feet, shoulder, neck) now I need to apply TMS to this digestion problem I have been having for over 3 years. Before my current digestion problem I had shoulder pain for about eight years that went away over night after the doctor described a painful Osteopathic procedure that he could try. I agreed to try it but he scared it away!

    All my problems have shifted to digestion stomach issues and have lost a lot of weight. I've had a hard time accepting that digestion (GERD or Reflux) can be caused by TMS because there isn't much writing or talking about it. There some mention in Sarno's book and also in The Great Pain Deception but I need more. Does the brain cut off oxygen to the digestion? I believe it can do anything. So why not? I have almost constant throbbing, and dull pain in the chest area. I have been checked out out thoroughly many times.

    I read quite a lot of the Pain Deception book yesterday and started having rib pain from a injuring 3 weeks ago that I thought was healed and cramps (charlie horse) in my feet. I think my brain may be trying to find another spot because it thinks its days are numbered! Good. It's got to go.
  2. abraham

    abraham New Member

    i wonder why you dont know that the stomach/reflux is very stress related. This is very well known by doctors who even dont know TMS. I dont know how the brain is affecting the stomach, but there is a strong bonding.
    I dont know if you already did a gastroscopy and checked out, if there is a physical problem going on! Even though, reflux can cause permanent damage in long therm, and inflammation can cause stomach ulcer. So think twice before you stop taking drugs.

    thats just my opinion, good luck!
  3. TeriL

    TeriL New Member

    Abraham-I did an endoscopy a few months ago and it came up normal. No ulcer and no signs of Reflux or irritation. I was very happy. Thanks for your input and advice.
  4. Gigi

    Gigi Well known member

    Hi Teri. I continue to be amazed by the myriad ways in which TMS can manifest itself! Like you, I recovered from back pain many years ago, and I've also had recurring bouts of other TMs pain. I've also noticed that following an injury my TMS tries to "prolong" the pain.
    Glad to know you don't have an ulcer etc. Now you can get to work with your SubC. Good luck!

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