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Day 1 (sort of)

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by mmonagan, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. mmonagan

    mmonagan New Member

    I've been reading and practicing Dr. Sarnos techniques for about 6 months now with great success. My back is better, my knee is better, my throat is better. However, I still have pain in my elbow (from guitar playing) and I've now developed pain in my foot. I feel convinced that the foot pain is "symptom imperative" and I've tried to wait it out but the pain has persisted and I finally saw a doctor who said there was perhaps a very small stress fracture and has prescribed a boot to be worn for 4 weeks. Yuk. I'm following his directions but I'm still not convinced that it's not a result of symptom imperative. And as I said my elbow is still painful. Also, I grind my teeth at night and I'm sure that's TMS too! Anyway, I found this program and will give it a whirl. I have thought that perhaps psychotherapy might be necessary but none of the therapists in my plan subscribe to Dr. Sarno's theories. And with two kids in college it's not a good time to take on an additional expense.
  2. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi and Welcome to the Peer Network,

    I also had multiple symptoms, which I think is pretty common, and whenever each one started to fade away I gained more and more confidence. There is nothing quite like seeing this approach work. With that said, the symptom imperative does affect a lot of people. It is one of the easiest ways your unconscious can give you doubts. While it can be very frustrating, try to see it as a sign that you are on the right path. Your unconscious has realized that you are on to its tricks and its last ditch effort to distract you is to create a new symptom. Tell yourself you know what it going on and it will fade away in time.

    It sounds like the elbow pain is probably the result of conditioning. I think everyone has one or two symptoms that are more difficult for us to recover. Certain symptoms may have a deeper psychological component to them and we may be have a deeper conditioned responsed to certain activities. I found that gaining introspection into what certain activities meant for me helped me see what was just below the surface.

    Seeing a therapist can help, but it is by no means required to get better. A lot of people have recovered just by understanding that their symptoms are caused by repressed emotions. If you stay positive and continue to educate yourself, your symptoms will fade away.
  3. Explorer

    Explorer Well known member

    Mmonagan - I am on day #16 of the program and I completely agree with Forest. I have nerve pain in my arms and legs that recently moved to my feet and hands. I've read Sarno's book and also I am in the middle of the Great Pain Deception which is really helping me.

    My therapist is not a TMS therapist, but he is willing to learn. Mindbody syndroms is huge in this country and most therapist know they need to come up to speed in this area.

    You can heal!

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