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Day 1 one more time

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by leslietown, Mar 16, 2021.

  1. leslietown

    leslietown Newcomer

    I am also beginning again.
    I started 2 weeks ago and after finishing the book, stopping all physical therapies. My condition improved a lot.
    Until it got a lot worse at the beginning of week 2.
    The whole of week 1 I had a great week, I journaled every day and also did yoga every day. I had a different work week (I am a teacher) without my usual stresses and worries. I noticed how I could actually not think about pain and use the techniques.
    And then week 2 came and I couldn't do anything anymore. I did yoga once, I couldn't find the time to journal. In the weekend I was too tired from the week and felt really bad about not even feeling like doing the work, trying, moving my body. Although I wanted it so much. And the pain has gotten much worse. And I can't seem to get back to it anymore.
    Oh and at the beginning of week 1 I got an e-mail after months (and years from my whiplash accident) that I would receive 500$ for insurance. And then it's only gotten worse.
    I feel like I am beating myself up for not doing the work daily (my job takes so much of my energy -- teaching at a distance during a global pandemic) and like my mind wants to do it but my body needs to rest. And I don't know anymore where to start. Does anyone have any tips for this kind of a low period, pain getting worse after an initial improvement...?
  2. Fedup2020

    Fedup2020 New Member

    I am in a similar position, started the SEP then stopped, and now I am starting again. My new plan is to not worry if I don't finish day 1 on say Monday, day 2 on Tuesday etc. I will just do my best, and even like 10 minutes of day 2 (or whatever) is better than nothing, then I can finish the rest the next day or whenever.

    I guess ideally it's better to follow the schedule, so if this is bad advice then someone please let me know.

    Personally yes I have found some days I feel a lot better, then think wow I don't need to practice TMS techniques anymore, then things return to how they were unfortunately. Maybe it's a trick by our brains. We make some progress with TMS, then our brains find a new way to distract us.

    I would say be kind to yourself, and try not to beat yourself up. I think we can motivate our self coming from a positive place of kindness, like how you would support a friend who is struggling with something.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2021
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  3. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Whiplash doesn't cause pain due to the whiplash. It might cause pain due to the fact that we are
    A. Usually scared to all hell and back.
    B. Possibly without a car for a minute
    C. Angry at ourselves if we were partially or wholly to blame
    D. Angry at the other person is they were to blame
    E. shaken aware of our own mortality
    F. Everyone and their mother tells us we should be in pain ("oh, that's gonna hurt tomorrow")
    G. the economic fallout and hassle of car 'stuff'

    If I were expecting to get some cash and then I didn't, I would be pissed. it doesn't matter what the circumstances are. Journaling doesn't stop pain... the awareness it is supposed to provoke stops it. Sarno was really clear about not making rituals.... that means even well mentioned TMS ones. I would blame this ;
    I haven't had to change my life much due to the pandemic. But if I did, that would be rage inducing as well.

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