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Day 1 Day 1 of resurgent hope

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Iamurme, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. Iamurme

    Iamurme Newcomer

    First off, let me say thank you thank you thank you to Dr. Sarno and all of you who created this forum!

    When I was in my early 30s I developed occasional debilitating neck pain. I would have to pull myself out of bed by the hair sometimes. I blamed it on an injury I sustained while hanging an old 27" TV from a ceiling mount. When I had an attack, sometimes I would go to a chiroparctor, other times I would ride it out. (Literally - my only vehicle was a motorcycle - not very safe to ride when it is impossible to turn your head!) It seemed that time was the only cure regardless of treatment. This continued on and off for about 20 years, but transformed from intense month long episodes to more of an ever present back ache that was up and down in intensity.

    A few years ago, my boss told me about Dr. Sarno's "Healing Back Pain" (He is married to Donna Hamilton from WBALTV who did an excellent interview with Dr. Sarno ) I got the book, and one day while I was couched with wrap-around back pain, I decided to give it a read. One sitting. Gratefully, as one of the 10% or so of people who can accept Dr. Sarno's treatment, I got up like Lazarus and went out to chop wood. Amazing!

    A couple of months ago, pain started again. Around this time, my wife lost her job, and while consciously confident that all would be well, I guess my subconscious had other ideas. I had forgotten for the most part about TMS. I was regressing to that feeling that my back was a mass of rotting flesh. It got to a point where I was considering chiropractic treatment from a local legend in chiropractic care. Then it dawned on me to reread the treatment chapter of healing back pain. I found the audio book on youtube () and listened to it over a couple of days.

    In my work I use a standing desk, but I sometimes use a stool when I feel like it. Once a year, I have to haul a ton of stuff to set up my office's State Fair booth. I was dreading it because it involves carrying about twenty five 50-60lb boxes though tight spaces, loading them in a car, and then unloading them. Lots of bending, twisting movements carrying weight. I considered calling it off, but that would have put my management in a hard spot. Dr. Sarno says not to fear activity, so I went for it. I was amazed again that I felt fine the next day. As I write, I am in mild discomfort, but I am doing some sheetrock repair and painting this weekend, apparently not my unconscious mind's favorite activity.

    I also have an episode of bursitis going on in my right knee after kneeling to work on my freezer. It swelled up like a golf ball under the front of my knee, then went down but spread down my shin. I'm just mentioning it here to document it in case I forget about it after it disappears.

    Reading "Healing Back Pain" is curative, but does leave one with some questions on "how to do this thing". So I am very grateful to find this structured education program! I'm not the greatest when it comes to sticking with this kind of thing, but I'll do my best. If not for me, for friends and loved ones who suffer with this.
  2. TheWayBackUp

    TheWayBackUp Peer Supporter

    Welcome! Try to stay with this program. I found that if I had to skip a day that was fine. Just keep going until you make it to day 42. Your life will be so much different if you're like most of us. Best wishes.

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