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Day 1 of forever

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Trojan29, Mar 21, 2022.

  1. Trojan29

    Trojan29 Newcomer

    Hi all - reading the other stories makes my pain feel trivial - regardless I am here because I've continually been hearing messages like, "once you turn 40 your body starts breaking, don't play basketball/golf/football/rough house with your boys because you'll hurt your back, your arms, your (insert body part)" for a long time now. And, I just thought of this now, but one of my most prominent memories of my dad is when I was "graduating" Kindergarten and my dad was hobbling around because he "threw out his back" - so I think that was my destiny. When you get older, you get a bad back. My dad has always had back problems but could never get them "fixed." Fast forward, I've had all kinds of back pain, now arm pain, now wrist/thumb that was unbearable on my right hand now and it has now magically jumped to my left hand and so on. Anyway, I've managed to address my back pain mostly but now I've got these other pains that are really limiting me and sucking the joy out of life. I've been chasing pain for a few years now.

    I try to listen to the universe when she speaks and a friend recommended Healing Back Pain and then I was telling another friend about it and he gushed and said Dr. Sarno's work changed my life. So I started reading and having a lot of false starts with applying the reading and now I am committed. I know my commitment will likely waiver over the next few weeks and when it does I will remind myself: I am not injured, my pain is due to TMS. And look I still have some doubts, I am still unsure that my pain is not due to some significant structural abnormality or a weakness...like it's hard for me to give up on PT/Chiro, etc.

    Thank you to all those who contributed to this work and are here. I am so grateful this exists.
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  2. ssxl4000

    ssxl4000 Well known member

    Hello and welcome . . . It is great that you have already noticed how your symptoms have moved around. TMS pain does that. If we start to worry less about a symptom (say your back pain), the brain may compensate by making it worse or starting a new symptom somewhere else (your arm or wrist). It is actually a good sign, in a weird kind of way. You are starting to break the pain cycle. The program here will help you further your healing. If you have doubts along the way, which is normal, be sure to reach out on the forum with any questions. Good luck!

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