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Day 1 Day 1. My story

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by KseniyaM, Dec 18, 2022.

  1. KseniyaM

    KseniyaM Newcomer

    Will try to make it short, my name is Kseniya and I’m 24 at the moment. My first symptoms started when I was 21 when I was just starting new job. Suddenly my lower back just didn’t let me to walk and I couldn’t even stand from my bed. It was the most terrible thing I’ve experienced and the symptoms were with me since then. There were some periods when I felt almost fine and some when I was in tears from the pains I had. I had to continue working and every day I went to job was full of fear of having this pain worse this day. I was at all kinds of doctors since then and had all kind of imaging done, all that was found is l4-l5 transitional vertebrae. PT, pain killers, icing, injections, chiropractor adjustments didn’t make any difference. The pain was there, in my right lower back, and down the hip and always came back after getting better for a while. Around a year ago I was so much in pain that I had to leave a job to just lay at home, and this is when things started to become even worse. When I thought that I can spend this time drawing which I like a lot, my right wrist suddenly started to hurt, not letting me do drawing or using laptop almost at all. When I thought about maybe spending this time reading, my right pet of neck and shoulder became so painful I couldn’t have my head straight and was in pain even laying down. Now my right shoulder and scapula got painful too, and pain in right foot added up too. Feels like the whole right part is in pain while nothing is going on in the left side of body. Doctors thing l5 transitional vertebrae can cause all these pains but I don’t know, seems like it’s not very rare thing to have and I’m not sure all these people have this pain.

    Of course I developed a lot of anxiety and ocd based on my health, and many small things are following me as well, like unexplained tooth pains and infections, while I was very very healthy until 21.

    Im desperate after everything I’ve tried and finding out about Dr Sarno is a little glimpse of hope I have even though it concerned if I really have structural problem after all. My pain is moving around me back, leg and my right side and there are even moments when I’m pain free but they don’t last long. This makes me think that TMS can be a part of my problem and it would hurt all the time if this was structural.

    I would appreciate all the tips and advices since I’m new here and hope we all will be pain free one day!
  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hello @KseniyaM and welcome! If you start reading some of the posts in our Success Stories subforum, or the messages at thankyoudrsarno.org, I think you will be convinced pretty quickly that you are in the right place.

    Another new member asked "how do I start the TMS cure and what specific steps and practice I can follow on a daily basis?" so I'm going to assume that you are essentially asking the same thing. That thread with suggestions for getting started is here:
    Daily TMS practice and activity | TMS Forum (The Mindbody Syndrome) (tmswiki.org)

    In addition, I frequently recommend a little book called Hope and Help for Your Nerves, by Claire Weekes. It was written in 1969 by an Australian psychotherapist who is long gone, so it's a little bit quaint, but it has saved thousands of people all over the world from disabling effects of anxiety.

    Our best advice for beginners is to make a commitment to "do the work" - this means doing the emotional work. You are far too young to have so many physical problems with no medical explanation, which means that your issues probably arise from anxiety and stress that you experienced during childhood. The sooner you uncover and face what's really behind those stressors, the better. In most of us, it almost always, if not always, goes back to childhood and family. In young people, that's even more likely to be the case.

  3. just_one

    just_one New Member

    Hi Kseniya,

    Welcome to the forum. I have been dealing with TMS for about 7 months after a 20 year hiatus when I had carpal tunnel and was healed after reading "Healing back pain". I can correlate most of my most painful episodes with stressful situations as home and work.

    The good news is that your recovery will include "loving yourself". This can be especially hard for us who don't think that they deserve love. Always do the work with love!

    And when you start feeling better, lend a hand for the next person who needs it. And we all need it.


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