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Day 1: Life without TMS

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by katylivesfree, Nov 26, 2021.

  1. katylivesfree

    katylivesfree Newcomer

    I started experiencing autoimmunity, chronic migraines, and other various chronic pain issues (written off as symptoms of autoimmunity) roughly 10 years ago. After a painful realization that conventional medicine wasn't much help with my autoimmune diagnoses, I went down a path of intense natural healing that identified and addressed various environmental triggers. I experienced miraculous reversal and healing of my autoimmune symptoms, but unfortunately, the migraines have only increased in frequency and intensity over the years. I've tried many, many conventional and alternative treatments, with the only thing that keeps me semi-functional (and here in this world) being sumitriptan.

    Before leaving my house, I check and double-check that I have at least 2 doses in my bag.

    At the slightest twinge of tightness or discomfort in my head, I begin deliberating on if I should take it now, or wait a bit longer. The side effects of sumitriptan leave me feeling unwell and slow my thinking processes. But more importantly, I am only allotted 18 valuable doses a month (it used to be 9, but I begged my neurologist to negotiate with my insurance company to increase the allotted doses since it is the only treatment that helps me).

    I carefully monitor my dwindling doses throughout the month. I try not to take more than 2 tabs within a 24-hour period per the administration instructions. But lately, my migraines don't respond as well to sumitriptan as they used to.

    After putting it off for a long time due to my fear of it exacerbating some existing facial weakness that I have, I finally got Botox a couple of months ago. It seemed to give me a l0w-grade migraine that lasted for several weeks. The effects of Botox are accumulative, so I'm not yet certain if I want to get the next round of treatments. I'm hoping that working through this program might alleviate the need for this.

    I discovered the Curable Health app a couple of weeks ago, and that eventually led me to discover this program.

    I 100% believe that my chronic migraines are TMS.

    The other chronic pain that I have is located where I've had minor injuries, but there is no structural reason that the pain has persisted after all of these years. I 100% believe that this pain is also TMS.

    Life without TMS would mean that I am no longer living in fear...fear of when and where a migraine might occur and what it will prevent me from doing.

    Life without TMS would mean that I am able to do the things that I love to do...without limitations.

    Life without TMS would mean that I am able to be fully present with my loved ones.

    Life without TMS would mean that I am able to be myself.

    Life without TMS would mean that I am able to live free.
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  2. hecate105

    hecate105 Beloved Grand Eagle

    I think you got it!! It is a bit of a ' lightbulb' moment - but the realisation of tms is the start of full healing. And the best thing is - it costs nothing and you do it yourself!! Such a win=win situation....
    I wish you luck - work hard but not too hard, be kind to yourself - limitlessly!

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