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Day 1 for me

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Jackson1956, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Jackson1956

    Jackson1956 Newcomer

    hello -

    I had hip replacement 1 year ago (there is some debate if I even needed it), since I have been dealing with lower leg nerve pain, in addition to bouts of sore shoulder, neck, back and glute, carpal tunnel syndrome & heart burn. Plus heavy anxiety & fear.

    I am very active and have been diagnosed with deg. disc in L4,5 & S1, foraminal Stenosis, mild canal Stenosis & possibly Neuropathy. 2 injections pt apparently does not help with lower leg nerve pain (burning, tingling or frozen feet). Sitting always worse. Walking, biking, skiing & hiking never make it worse, usually improve symptoms. There are days I feel relatively good sitting, or like this evening my feet feel frozen. I am nervous and tend to keep things hidden from wife & kids. When I read Sarno’s book, much applied to me. Except he talks more about back pain vs lower legs nerve pain. Has anyone had sensations that I describe?

    I started the SEP this evening & got discouraged when my nerve symptoms increased-
  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Jackson, and welcome! It sounds like you are in the right place.
    My advice is to immediately drop the desire (that all newcomers have) to compare yourself to others, to try to find your symptoms among others, or to describe any of your symptoms in detail.

    Generic and simple descriptions (XX pain, anxiety, digestive issues) are good enough, because with TMS, the details simply do not matter. Believe me, as someone who's been doing this since 2011, and as someone who had a lengthy list of my own non-pain symptoms, we've seen hundreds of different variations and types of symptoms described, with plenty of evidence that they are almost all TMS. And if a symptom can't be classified as TMS, it's possible that it is the result of physiological changes brought on by a lifetime of emotional stress and repression - even traditional Western medicine knows this happens all the time. But that's another discussion for a future time.

    Go to our Success Stories subforum and start reading. You'll often find descriptions of the many symptoms people have recovered from right in the titles. You can also do a keyword search for particular symptoms if you really want to - but I highly recommend that you limit yourself to doing that only in the Success Stores subforum!

    And it's really great news that your symptoms increased the same day you started the SEP - your primitive fearful brain does NOT want you to uncover your dangerous hidden emotions! It thinks you won't be safe if you're not on the alert and full of fear and worry all the time!!!!

    That level or worry might have worked well to survive in the actual primitive world, but it absolutely sucks as a survival technique in today's (mostly) safe modern world. Your job is to recognize when your brain is trying to keep you negative, and to fight back.

    Good luck, and keep us posted!


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