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Daily pain relief vs. final-total healing? Or both?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by n8maxfield, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. n8maxfield

    n8maxfield Newcomer

    Hello Family,
    It's a great to be a part of something as amazing as this community of fierce fighters. I just need to learn to not battle myself so much, as do many of you I'm sure. Anyhoo, I'm just looking for input into an idea I'm wrestling with about treating the pain. I've known the truth about my decades long battle with chronic lower back pain for about 3 years now. I've made great strides but have fallen back into medieval modern pain matrix from time to time as well. I have not worked at it as vigorously as I believe I should have since first discovering Dr. Sarno but that's another discussion; sorry, getting off topic. I've paid close attention to Sarno's assertion that one should cease all activities related to treatment of the pain. Throwing out all rubs, back-braces, etc.. However, I've been enticed by the MedMassager at my local Costco. My justification for getting one is that if the electric massager will stimulate blood flow to the mildly oxygen deprived area, won't that help introduce oxygen via the blood to the area and thus relieving the pain a bit. Is this OK in lieu of understanding the concepts he lays out and realizing that the relief is just temporary and that I must think psychological for final, total healing? I've refused offers of a gifted professional massage because I didn't want to be on that table and start thinking, "this will help with my pain" and therefore get set back because of it. My question then is basically; Is it alright to seek temporary relief as long as you understand that it is just that (temporary) and that one must do the emotional work? Or will this kind of behaviour only be a detriment to my well being and serve only the subconscious mind that wants to do me favors that could kill me. I keep screaming at Him, "DON'T DO ME ANY MORE FAVORS ASSHOLE!"
  2. Gigalos

    Gigalos Beloved Grand Eagle

    My advice is to get a massage to simply 'relax'. Just enjoy being touched, that's all, it is the way for many mammals to relax. That in turn will lower your state of worry, anxiety, anger etc., which will be followed by a decrease in physical symptoms.
    Mechanical ways of trying to conquer oxygen deprivation are useless imho. If you enjoy the feeling of the medmassager, by all means buy it, if only as an act of kindness towards yourself. The physical effect will be temporary at most, but you already drew that conclusion yourself.
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