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Day 31 Current stresses and personality traits

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by HPJM, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. HPJM

    HPJM New Member

    I journaled today about studying law this year.

    Some background: here in the UK if you have a degree you can 'convert' to law in one year, then spend another year training (to be a solicitor or barrister) to then secure a job. The problem is that the job demand exceeds the supply, and it is easy to be left stranded after paying a lot to get the aforementioned law qualifications.

    My main concern is that I won't enjoy law. I did some work experience in a law firm, and I wasn't too sure. I am only really doing it because I don't know what else to do, and because it is a stable career, with good financial prospects. If I do the first qualification, then it might be useful, but if I don't go any further, I may feel like I could have spent that year doing something better.

    I recognise the goodism/people-pleasing pressure on myself to be a good, successful son, brother, cousin, grandchild or whatever, and to not upset my parents, even though I know they would want what I want, what makes me happy. And perfectionism makes me want to be successful at everything.

    I think it is also true that some things in life you don't know and that my perfectionism may also be giving me the false impression that I have to know exactly what I am going to enjoy. Some things you don't know until you have tried. I feel a lot of fear/anxiety about the uncertainty, as well as committing to anything really. But then there may be fear about doing what I really want to do too.

    How are your professional relationships right now? Has the program had any effect on your career?

    I can't say, I am still a student. Well, on holidays now at least.
  2. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, HPGM. Maybe what you need to do is decide what branch of law you would like to practice in.
    And then talk to some lawyers in that field and see if it sounds right for you.

    The uncertainty about deciding to go for a law degree is bound to create anxiety. And wanting to please everyone.
    Please yourself. You're the one who matters most. It's good that your parents will like what you decide.

    I'm having some stress myself right now from not deciding on a technical issue. I have to remind myself that it is not fatal.
  3. mike2014

    mike2014 Beloved Grand Eagle

    I think the key is to follow your heart, do something you enjoy and for all the right reasons. You clearly have a strong aptitude and will be good at whatever you do.

    Most of us TMS'ers are worriers, perfectionists, so it's sometimes best to stand back and ask ourselves - do we really need to put stress on ourselves, or is it just our ego? most of the fears we have are just preconceived and may never happen. I think once we can adjust to a clean way of thinking, we would've mastered the art of living.
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  4. HPJM

    HPJM New Member

    Thanks man. Yeah I think us TMSers are strong, driven people, so many of our fears we can overcome, once we realise how false they are.

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