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Day 9 Current issues coming out more

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Harri, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. Harri

    Harri New Member

    Hi all,

    As I started journaling, I was under the impression that I needed to dig the past ,younger phase of my life and I had racked my mind for that. Agreed some came to my mind , but one phenomenon which has started is that am getting more and more current issues recently rather than the old period.. Coming to think of it my pain recurrence had been more in the last year ..3 breakdowns in the last 12 months ..All my thoughts are related to my job environment which also has changed in the last 12 months, getting more stressful than earlier times...my earlier breakdowns also had been very close to job changes, clashes , disagreement on certain company decisions..
    Can TMS happenings be majorily focussed on current issues rather than the past period ? Every post I read has people linking more on early childhood. Mine is exactly opposite ..I had my scraps in childhood but in general was happy ....after so much of journaling and thinking thru ..my 90 percent of issues seems to be current job and people based ? Even today a flare up was the result of a job related thought....and the moment I convinced my brain in no uncertain terms to shut up..it started subsiding...a feedback on this would be real great...should I block the thoughts coming in of current issues.. Current simmering issues....

    And I wrote my first letter...wow...what a feeling...somewhat like going out on my first date and getting my first kiss ( oops ...serious forum here to discuss pain and not first time crushes )....seriously..am not going to delete or tear it off..you don't destroy classics... These are meant to be re read again and again for pure unadulterated fun....
    But lemme tell u the "Subconscious pot of tension " ( thats what i have named it )which was over flowing my mind before i started the journaling And which had come around 90 percent has now come down to 70 percent after this letter to that dear &@&&@....oops sorry again but I have to now no longer bottle emotions...and no more goody goody for which I was even nominated for the Nobel prize ..
  2. Karen

    Karen Peer Supporter

    Hi Harri! I'm real new also. I am sooooo happy I found this forum.

    I think for me, as I get older and the frustrations of life continue, I am going to have to be real careful and watch this pot of anger that stirs within me. My pain just started again 2 years ago. I thought it was from a simple read-end car accident, but now that the pain has 'sneakily' got me to a point where I can barely walk..I am realizing that the past 9 months alone has brought on this pain, by taking in my 91 year old MIL to live with me!!! Holy s--t - at this age, I am supposed to be retired with a lot of money sitting back reading my favorite books!!!!! NOT so!!!!:mad:

    I had been pain free for many years with the odd 'flare up'. Now, it's got me in agony again!! Damn!! I didn't even know I was seething inside as I went around with my big phoney smile on my face. I am 'murderous' inside and feel like a volcano is about to erupt!! How could I have forgotten Dr. Sarno's 'work' that I practiced many years ago when I was very sick with TMS as a young person? :( Well I'm back at it ... and some of my rage is even from yesterday!!

    I am writing and reading and studying all over again. I am forcing myself to exercise and walk and move like it's a natural thing to do. (It hurts like hell !) I am talking to my brain, I am changing my expectations, I am changing my perspective on how I feel about different things and acknowledging as much anger as I can right now.

    Hope that helps a little right now...Best of luck to you!!
  3. Karen

    Karen Peer Supporter


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