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curable app

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by eden77, Dec 26, 2018.

  1. eden77

    eden77 New Member

    Hi ,
    Has anybody used the Curable App?
    If so, would you recommend it?
    [ It's not free]
  2. Kozas

    Kozas Well known member

    Im at the second month of using it, they have plenty of interesting resources there. I think I would recommend it.
  3. eden77

    eden77 New Member

    It sounds very interesting and the free part is most enticing!
  4. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    I think there's definitely value in the Curable app, whether you are brand-new to the TMS concept, or just need something handy to pick up during a fallback episode (that's what I use it for). Yes, it may seem basic to experienced individuals, but then again, many experienced f0lks recommend re-reading Dr. Sarno to remind us of the basics. In the Curable app, you're not tied down to only one path - once you're past the introduction, you can choose to listen to a topic, engage in a writing exercise, or do a meditation in any given section, and you can also go back and do any of them again., thanks the to personal roadmap that's provided. The podcasts are a bonus and are available outside of the program.

    The content and exercises are similar to our SEP, but unlike the SEP, the content is updated. I would love to keep the SEP updated, but it's a volunteer effort, and no one has the time. And the cost of Curable really is minimal - you get a whole year for less than the cost of a visit to a PT, never mind a medical specialist.

    In other words, you get what you pay for, and I think that the cost of Curable is worth it.

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