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Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Karim, Oct 15, 2019.

  1. Karim

    Karim Peer Supporter

    Click o the crps story AND it only has info about the disease. I am a active person who does jogging who hangs out with he's friends for over 11 years after my diagnosis AND nothing has gotyen better, people Say live your life AND i have done it but then knee pain shoulder pain leg pain arm pain still there I've seen Little kids with crps i dont understand i want someone to give me a answer cause last Time i got criticized over AND over by a member here . Is the same 2 female persons who i dont want them to answer i want someone else to help me in the process. Please i need hope i have seen other peolple in this page with crps that nobody has replied to them some old post. When i look in the search i am seing that Is the same person over AND over like a CD player reppiting. I haven't seen new people posting crps success stories . I can't repress myself cause people has tried to shut me up un this page cause i talk without a filter. Am not trying yo disccourage anyone but back pain Is nothing compared to this. I've seen back pain this back pain that only back pain success stories. Some people with crps in this page have done everything i mean real CRPS nothing has worked for then AND members keep saying no have emotions yet ir things that u haven't identified, Man that's frustrating to Say that to someone that has cried a Lot. And those peolple dissapear AND never come back. I am happy for those who has overcome pain but full blown crps in all of the 4 extremities Is different
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  2. Boston Redsox

    Boston Redsox Well Known Member

    I agree about the success stories they all stem around back pain mainly ...I have met a few on this site CrPs get better as they say ..and yes it’s very frustrating when you have felt and cried every emotion possible and they tell you either your not ready to heal or your missing some emotion...I been dealing with pain for over 10 years and never doubted it stems from a emotional stressful events ...which started my pain journey ..
    There are some great people of this site who want to help and some arrogant assholes that just don’t get it because they never experienced everyday on going pain and discomfort all over there body.
    And be carful who you deal with regarding Tms everybody as a program or a work book to sell it’s all the same shit ...Listen to Dan Buglio he the real deal ...great videos and advice and he speaks from the heart ...
    I just feel our situation is full blown Tms a over sensitivetized body . Sometime therapy can loosen up something but don’t get sucked into months of Tms therapy which is useless anything more than 6-12 give you a good road map to watch for Tms trickery .. Also The great pain deception is a great book , the author was a great guy to speak to but had turned out to be all about selling books that say the same thing ...is first book is the Bible of Tms read it ..Is journey was incredible.
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  3. Mamaheather

    Mamaheather Newcomer

    I’m sorry to hear so much frustration and disappointment in your post. Honestly I don’t know much about CRPS. I have Fibromyalgia and a list of other things. It’s nothing like just “back pain” or “knee pain”. Sometimes the air touching my skin hurts! My hair will hurt! Muscle pain all over and migraines just to name a few symptoms. No one gets it unless they’ve had it. But I don’t usually explain that to everyone because you end up pushing them away a lot of the time. But I’m having the same problem finding successful stories from people with fibromyalgia. It’s not the point of how bad the pain is or how long we’ve had pain in our lives. We’ve all had pain to the point that we can’t stand it anymore and don’t know what to do anymore. So we have understanding empathy, and compassion for each other no matter what our diagnosis is. Hell who knows maybe I don’t even have fibromyalgia. So what,,you and I can’t find a good success story. We need to do us! Make our own success story. What do we have to lose at this point. I’m guessing you’re like me and done this and tried that, right? Seen this doctor and that. Had this test and that. Oh and have heard every diagnosis until the sun goes down. If you’v really (and I mean really) whole souled put your whole heart and effort into this and well it just didn’t work for you, what did you lose? Time. If anything what did it do? Did it help at all? With any painful symptoms, help you to control fear, get to know yourself better, were you able to reduce any unnecessary medications, or even sleep better. I hope you stick with it and it helps you and you update us on your successful journey! I know I’m headed that way. It may take while because I didn’t get 10 years of pain over night.
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  4. miffybunny

    miffybunny Beloved Grand Eagle

    A light breeze would knock me off my feet with pain. I also developed this habit of "guarding" (especially my knees where the CRPS was the worst). There were times when I would vomit from the pain and at one point it went full body which felt like I had been doused in gasoline and torched. I'm not recounting these gory details for drama but just to point out that our brains can produce all manner of sensations and no matter how extreme they are, we all have the power to reverse it. If I can, anyone can. I have a very anxious and cynical personality and nature, so that should give hope to anyone else struggling! Hope this helps!

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