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Creation & Cessation of Chronic pain[TMS]

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by silentflutes, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. silentflutes

    silentflutes Peer Supporter

    Life is moment to moment phenomena. The way you relate to this moment of life, whatever you do, it has some imprint/memory upon you and later on those imprint give you certain tendencies & compulsions which if allowed again creates cycle and becomes chronic. If you are unaware how you are relating to this moment of life [which all of us do], you will only know it once it becomes chronic. Before that you ignore it. You assume it will be fine on its own or use something else to fix it. But chronic pain is here to tell you clearly that You have to make necessary changes so that you can relate to this moment of life without need of pain.

    What exactly is the way you relate with this moment of life that makes you need pain? Due to any particular cause or any mixture of causes [physical, psychological or emotional] from right now or in past , you do not ACCEPT this moment of life, you are not OK with this moment of life. Thus, you need pain & there is CREATION of pain. At first, it might be not so chronic but as time passes by you reinforce same way of relating to the moment of life, soon pain becomes chronic. Once you suffer enough and you make necessary changes to the way you relate to the moment of life, you no more need pain. There is CESSATION of pain. What are the necessary changes? Somehow some changes or mixtures of changes [physical, emotional, psychological] that leads to ACCEPTANCE of this moment of life, you feel OK & SAFE with this moment of life ends need for pain.

    There is no exact fixed cause to CREATION of pain nor the CESSATION of pain. That is why it is different for every person. Anything that makes anyone relate to the moment of life without ACCEPTANCE, CREATES pain and anything that makes anyone relate to the moment of life with ACCEPTANCE ENDS pain. It depends on way you relate to the moment of life. And series of this moment creates life. And series of way YOU relate to this moment creates YOUR life.

    In short, creation & cessation of pain depends on the way you live your life.

    #tms #pain
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  2. Mja1233

    Mja1233 New Member

    Thank you for this.

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