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crazy (probable) TMS story

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by NicoleB34, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. NicoleB34

    NicoleB34 Well known member

    So, as some of you guys know from my latest threads, i have pudendal neuralgia, a pelvic nerve pain syndrome.
    This story is a little bizarre, maybe a little TMI, but here goes:
    Not long ago, i had this nagging feeling like the guy i was dating was sleeping with another girl and i became obsessed with getting an STD. (this girl was promiscuous, i had every right to be scared). I had such fear of this, particularly herpes because i knew of a few people who were convinced that a herpes outbreak is what caused and aggravated their PN, because after all, it's a virus that travels that very nerve to infect the genital region during recurrences.
    Months later, sure enough, i break out in very painful blisters between my legs. I rush to urgent care, and they take a look, and say "sure looks like herpes, however, the arrangement of blisters looks a bit like shingles, they way they are on the left side of your body, in a straight line". She also told me it's quite rare for shingles to show up on the genitals, and i'm a young healthy person, why would i get shingles right?

    Herpes test ends up being negative, and it was shingles after all. The blisters lined up right along one of the pudendal branches. Anyone who has had shingles doesnt need to be reminded how painful it is, never mind in your crotch!!! Yet still, upon research, it seems that to have shingles show up where mine did, was quite rare. My doctors were trying to find reasons for this. Was my pudendal nerve "weak" somehow and the virus latched onto it? or perhaps was my PN all caused by some latent virus? (i dont think so).

    I really believe my obsession with catching this STD is what caused this to happen. Not only can shingles becaused by stress, i think it planted itself right along my pudendal nerve for a reason. That nerve is the subject of all my misery as of late. Not to mention, shingles is in the herpes family. Isnt the brain crazy?

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