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Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Curly4068, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. Curly4068

    Curly4068 Newcomer

    hi all I have had CPPS for over 20 years now. It started after a sexual encounter where I thought I caught a STD but do not remember if I ever tested positive the first time I had the symptoms, but know I never tested positive for bacteria in any of the years following. Although the pain neve left even after antibiotics for the first 5 years or so it did evantuqlly subside to a dull ache in the testicular. Then after treatment for Lyme disease with antibiotic it did go away for almost a year but that might have just been because the antibiotics acted as a anti inflammatory. Well for the past 10 yea s I have been getting the symptoms and taking care of them with what else but antibiotics even though there never is a pathagin. It always seems to help a little but never clears up until maybe a few weeks after I have taken the antibiotic. So last years I have another flare in the fall again, this I question, but the pain I should in the shaft of my penis and not in the test I also. I go to my urologist and he says it is CPPS again and perscribea me antibiotics, but’s this seeems to be making it worse so I stop the antibiotic. The pain had never been this bad before and my urologist does an MRI and sees what he thinks is a noodle on my prostate and orders a biopsy. This send me into panic mode and the symptoms increase. I do not have the biopsy as the doctor who was to perform it decides I do not need it because he does not believe there’s is actually anything on my prostate and my PSA is so low. The stage has been set now though and the pain will not go away. I do yoga and walk and it seems to help some. Then I get into a PT program and that seems to help some to at first but then the pain just stays the same. Over the summer it seems to stay the same with good days and bad days without doing any PT or yoga. Then the fall come again and I try to get a little more active and the pain returns full force. Then subsides a little right before Xmas until I go skating and about 1 hour after skating the pain starts and I have been mostly bed ridden since. Does anyone have any words of encouragement. I am starting this TMS program and just need some words of wisdom., than you.

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