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Cpps/prostatitis ibs

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by emporeon027, Oct 1, 2021.

  1. emporeon027

    emporeon027 Peer Supporter

    This so called prostatitis bead my first main symptoms for almost four years. Any doc could find anything wrong and my symptoms were frequem urination s lot of discomfort in my uretra and pelvic pain just a little but was there. It resolved with antidepressants that was my first clue that I was dealing with a psychosomatic issues. A little after that I developed back, joint and nerve pain almost all resolve thanks to sarno. Alan and Amy other from their resource's. Since I live in venezuela I cant not see any tms doctor. Anyway I'm pretty sure that I'm on the profile of a tms persona. Anyway a little after covid I developed some get issues be t nothing serious. My long fatigue due to covid is gone now(tms) but I starrtednto have frequem bowel movements. Tenesmus(rectal) for a couple of weeks even if acs a lot like tms sometimes it ended be a gut infection. It resolved most of the disconfor and pain with the pills theatment. But the tenesmus didn't go complete and other like disconforts in my anus region. I went to the specialist this morning and told me that my anus was fine but the region between my anus and tailbone it's hard for some odd reason and didn't stop talking about how could be a prostatitis. I told home my whole history with that diagnosis and how it resolved. And told me that could en calcification of the prostac gland. Like really? I haven't have any since of any uti besides frequem urination that is actually neuroplastic. My prostate gland even when I was told that was inflame just ones like literally busy ones after that they didn't find it again not I'm kinda have some anxiety and gear about it. I know hat tensiĆ³n (tms) in the pelvic region can cause a lot of discomfort but what about this calcification? Also it's not donde yet we are not sure about it yet but I will take the test this next Monday. And I'm sacare. Any one here with pelvic pain went true this? And have the calcification but was nothing to do with the symptoms? Thank you everyone.

    f a tms persona

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