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Could This be TMS?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by s.jp67, May 14, 2018.

  1. s.jp67

    s.jp67 New Member


    I have a history of TMS. When I was 15 I developed chronic pelvic pain that lasted for a few months. Then I developed really bad anxiety. Then really bad burning foot pain on my heels that lasted for 2 years that I was actually able to cure by reading Sarno's books. Then that year I had lots of problems with anxiety and then developed really bad tingling in my face. Then I had an MRI with contrast and then the symptoms dissipated.Of course it was TMS all along.

    Then I read stuff on the MRI contrast and it freaked me out because it lingers in the body. I then slowly started to feeling like my brain wasn't working right and that with everything I did, my brain wasn't working. Now when I try to do any work I get severe chest and head pains. I think it's because my mind now believes there is something wrong with it due to the MRI contrast as I still feel guilty about it and that there is something wrong with my brain. I am really struggling functioning as now I can barely read a chapter of a book without agonizing chest pain or head pains. Does anyone have any tips? I've tried some recovery techniques through TMS but I just feel so guilty over getting the contrast and I really feel like there is something wrong with my brain.

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