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could this all be job related

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by lukas-z, Jul 19, 2023.

  1. lukas-z

    lukas-z New Member

    so I noticed more 'setbacks', but they do seem highly relate to my work. couple weeks ago I had 2 weeks off, and I had essentially 0 pain, was smoking/drinking (normally living healthy), large amounts of caffeine - and felt very relaxed no issues. then on sunday, the pain creeped back suddenly. can't handle weed/caffeine/nicotine any longer as it puts me way over the edge. (stopped that stuff for unrelated reasons since I do live a healthy lifestyle generally speaking).
    then for the last 3 days, i had bursts of pain out of nowhere. I was able to keep at the minimum and it did not stop my doing my workouts. but I do wonder if all of it is maybe the job? I do work in tech - the pay is high, the actual time I work is low (2h/day/4 days), but regardless for what it is the stress levels are high.
    is it time to switch jobs (maybe careers) is what is on my mind now. I noticed a similar pattern in the last 1-2 years or so and wondering if maybe non of this is related to past unresolved anger, just 'current anger' due to stress levels in work.
  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    I didn't have to change my job but I am careful about who I do it for.
    I am a Carpenter/Painter/Construction worker and have done it for 40+ years...BUT when my TMS was the worst I worked for the Film Industry in Hollywood. I started noticing my tension level was way higher onstage then when I was remodeling someone's home.

    I personally think the Film Industry is Satan incarnate. I only got into it for the $ ...but In general I think they are one of the 'gatekeepers' of culture who are driving the world to hell in a handbasket...dumbing down the population.
    I also realized that in a union , you are not judged by your work but by nepotism and politics...My work is the only defense I have ever had (or want to believe in)
    After my TMS went away, I started paying attention to my INNER feelings more... not how my leg feels , but the real 6 years old within. I became aware of what I just told you and left.
    I do NOT get anywhere near that bummed working on people's homes because I actually feel like i am doing something GOOD for the world and people treat me a lot better.

    I usually work for small contractors but recently got a 'great job; working for a big hotshot downtown Nashville finish carpentry outfit. After two weeks I figured out that ,though the addresses were glamorous, they treat their crew like CRAP and I quit. on the spot. They called me to 'talk about it' because they liked me and thought I was doing a good job...of course I do..I'm a TMSer!! But I knew that they weren't going to change their M.O. for the sake of one Prima Ballerina so I left.

    TMS can be about $$ but it is also tied up in self worth, respect, and lack of it...those seem to be way more important then the 'visible' things.

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  3. lukas-z

    lukas-z New Member

    i totally agree with you. hollywood is literally the devil. the reason they do have some success (although lately they flop a lot with their woke movies - which is good), is cause they are satan worshippers. I worked for 7 years in Los Angeles for a gaming company. not directly hollywood, and the beginnings were good, but as time went on something weird happened and my TMS also started. i was completely burned out and over it (despite having good $$$).
    my current company does a fairly good product but is ridden with 'wokeness', although being remote is helpful as you don't have to interact with those people at all, and my team is fairly clean.
    during those sciatic flareups i focus on the feelings and 'talk' to the pain. what I learn is that oftentimes it disappears within seconds! it takes some practice to re-focus from the pain on the feelings and accept them.
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  4. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    ROTFLMAO....we always used that exact expression for somebody's sexual impropriety
    I hear horror stories, but that hasn't penetrated our world too much...Only high paying jobs can afford to be 'woke'. Us Peons have remained relatively unscathed. BUT I Imagine that would be a HUGE rage maker. Playing pretend world with other adults
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