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Could tendonitis after blocked foot bone be TMS ?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by frenchgazelle, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. frenchgazelle

    frenchgazelle Newcomer

    I'm french and I live in France, so I apologize for the mistakes, I haven't practiced English for a
    I'm a 38 year old woman, and I've been suffering for almost 10 years.

    I've read 2 of the Dr Sarno's books. I really am just like he writes, trying to be a good person,
    stressful an anxious. It was a revelation, at that time as I was beginning a psychotherapy, and
    also an eye movement therapy, to treat past problems. That was 2 years ago...

    I'm now trying Dr Sarno's recovering program, but it's hard for me to believe that my current
    pains can be TMS. About previous pains which I recovered after months or years, I can now see
    that they could be TMS, but it's quite harder for the new ones. Let me explain .

    I've got a long ache story : 8 months after my first child was born, I blocked my SI joints, went to
    see an osteopath and there it was, the pain came back again and again, during months, the
    joint blocking more and more often. To resume, during 7 years, I saw doctors, rheumatologist,
    chiropractors, acupuncturist, and had many exams scanner, MRI...There was nothing really
    structural. I made changes in my life, choose to work near from home, had another child, tried to
    make sport, but I every time I tried a sportive activity, I hurt my back.

    A few years ago I realized, thanks to an osteopath that my terrible SI joint pain could be caused
    by my relation to the past and my parents. But then, I saw a physiotherapist, specialized with
    back pain, I saw him twice, it was terribly painful, but thanks to him, I was pain free in 6 weeks.
    So I supposed that the pain had nothing to do with my emotions.

    I thought I had solved my SI joint problem, I had the best summer in my life, feeling free again !
    And then, 1 week after, the day before my 6 year old child began « serious school » (you know
    the year when you begin to learn how to read and write), I spread my right ankle. Nothing really
    wrong, I recovered quite well, and then, after a very sportive swimming session the ankle was
    hurting me. I went to see an osteopath a few days later, then I had to drive 1h30, and after a 20
    min walk, I was unable to walk. It got worse and worse, I saw specialists, had radios, scan, an
    echo that revealed a very little tendonitis, nothing that could explain why I had to use crutches.
    After 3 weeks without working, nothing new, except that I also had a shoulder tendonitis due to
    the crutches.

    This ankle pain lasted nine months. I went back to work after 6 weeks, but I still had to be very
    careful, calculate the steps, limit each walk, avoid trampling. It has finally improved, with
    mesotherapy. Then I sprained my other ankle, did everything well and still hardly recovered.
    I now see that the tendonitis were probably TMS.

    I tried posturology, it was better, and yet, 15 days ago, I blocked my cuboid bone on my left
    ankle, during a physiotherapy session. A week later, I blocked a bone in my other foot, the right
    one: just being sited on my ankle, I moved, felt a pain and heard a crack. I could hardly walk,
    saw an osteopath who unblocked my talus. But he didn't do it well, or it moved again, I still felt
    so much pain so I had to go back 2 days later. It was better, I could walk a bit again. But a few
    days later, I felt another pain, my ankle was still hurting in another place, and it began to swell,
    just over the tendon. I saw the physiotherapist, who told me I had a tendonisis.
    I'm in despair, it's the same as 3 years ago, when I had to wait 9 months to recover a bit...He
    tells me that after a chronic tendonisis, the tendon is weaken, and just an osteopathic
    manipulation can cause it ?!

    I really don't know what to think. Just after blocking my cuboid on the left foot, I had decided to
    try to read again Sarno's books, and to begin journaling. I was almost sure that the foot pain
    was due to TMS...but as the physiotherapist said the bone was blocked, it was hard to believe it
    could be TMS. And for the talus bone blocking, I thought it was only a mecanical problem. Quite
    worrying, because I have the feeling that my ankles and foot are very weak.

    I really believe that emotions can cause pain. During my childhood, I had a very hard moment :
    as I was 6, my father had a very serious stroke that left him paralyzed on his left side. I'm trying
    to work on this part of my life with psychotherapy and EFT (which helped me much about
    another traumatic event of my life), and I also do meditation, once a week, but it's not enough.
    Could you give me some advices ? Do you think my current tendinitis could be a tms? Can a
    tms cause joint blockage, such as blockage of the cuboid or displacement of the slope?
    Sorry for this very long message,
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