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Could I still have pinworms or is it TMS?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Rosebud3699, Mar 18, 2024.


Is this TMS?

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  1. Rosebud3699

    Rosebud3699 Newcomer

    OK, this is embarrassing to talk about but I need this suffering to end. Also, I'm sorry, this is a long post too, but please read through everything to get the full picture. Thank you so much.

    About 3 months aagho I was diagnosed with Pinworms (gross I know). I do believe i saw worms in my stool and found them in my vag. I also did a tape test and do believe i found some eggs. This was about 1.5 months ago. My symptoms include TMJ, uti symptoms but no infection, general itching, crawling sensations, movement, pin pricks in my perineum area and in the inside/exterior of my vagina. I also felt movement in my ears, nose and eyes as well as itchiness in those areas as well. Though rare, it has been proven that they can live in other places in the body not just your intestinal track. Important note: my mom has been experiencing the same symptoms since I told her that I had pinworms no one else in the familyhas symptoms. She confessed to me that she thought she thinks she had them when she was young but no one believed her as her family didn't have symptoms so she was never properly treated. She said she's felt symptoms on and off throughout her life. I believe at one point when I was young she treated my whole family with over the counter mess and don't think she thought too much of it after that. Not sure if she fully got rid of them so I may have had them for years which could be why they're hard to get rid of. I also want to say that I believe in tms, I've healed myself from other things before using Journaling. However because my mom has symptoms its harder for me to believe that it is tms but i hope that it is. I also have a ton of trauma from CSA, verbal abuse, domestic abuse, anxiety ptsd and depression. My mother has some mental/emotional issues she deals with as well and has been subject to verbal and domestic abuse as well thanks to my dad whom she is still married to.

    Three months ago I did treat myself with over the counter mess and did all the required cleaning. Yet I still experienced symptoms which led me to get prescription meds (albendasole) from my doctor. For those with hard cases it is recommended to take a dose of that once and then two weeks later due to their life cycle. Did that, still experienced symptoms. Went back to doc for that same dose but for 5 days straight and then 5 more doses 2 weeks later. Still experienced symptoms but during the doses it seemed to get better but when I would stop it would get worse. Went back to doctor and got the pills for 28 days straight. (This dose is prescribed for tapeworms. So quite strong supposedly) symptoms got better about half way into it, I didn't feel movement but still itched. I now have completed the 28 days and the movement is back and I still itch. I may have had these for years and not known it which makes me wonder if that's why they're so hard to get rid of or if it is tms. However i have read in forums of many people that have spent years trying to get rid of them with no success (might they have tms too, idk?) I discovered tms in 2020 and healed a lot of my health issues from that but I haven't journaled in a few years. It makes me wonder if it is tms after all. I would love yalls opinion because it has tormented, isolated me and made me consider death at some points. I feel hopeless that I can't date or have kids because I will not give it to them and let them go through the same thing. Thank you in advance for your help. God bless
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  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    I had the opposite reaction. It's well known that psychosomatic symptoms are "infectious". There are a number of famous case studies, you can google them. Along the same lines people with a certain type of symptom often have parents with the same symptom.

    I'm sorry that this symptom is disturbing you to the point of suicidal ideation and I sincerely hope you get therapeutic help long before that becomes your only viable option.

    I have zero knowledge about pinworms, and I'm a retired tax accountant, not any kind of health professional. Nonetheless, it just seems very unlikely that parasites would survive so much treatment. You've got two possible reasons: 1) pure TMS, or 2) the same stress that causes TMS symptoms has actually weakened your immune system and created an opportunistic environment for parasites to thrive.

    It's well-known that people with constant stress get sick more often than normal.

    Either way, unhealthy stress is most likely the source of your suffering.

    You need to deal with your stress, distress, trauma, and emotional repression. Current affairs are not helping anyone these days, which may also be affecting your mental health more than you think. You and your mom. Do the work again with renewed commitment. After all, you have nothing to lose, and unlike anti-parasitics, it is non-invasive!
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  3. Rosebud3699

    Rosebud3699 Newcomer

    I totally realize that psychosomatic symptoms are contagious but I had no knowledge of what my mom's symptoms were even after experiencing the symptoms. I would tell her mine and then she would say she feels the same symptoms. So idk

    I do agree that it could be a lowered immune system due to stress. I've been quite stressed the past year and honestly most of my life. I do really need to see a therapist again and work through some of my issues. Thank you so much for your opinion, I do appreciate it

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