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Conscious TMS ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by DLott, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. DLott

    DLott New Member

    I'm 100% sure I have TMS back pain, I have had several therapy sessions with a TMS therapist. My question to you guys is my brain is creating all the pain from a completely conscious point of view of my feelings, anger, frustration etc.. It isn't anything sub conscious , I am completely aware of all the issues but still can't get it to go away . Is that normal in the "TMS fight" to get better to actually be aware of every single thing that is causing it rather than for it to be sub conscious and the brains way of distracting you ? I guess my point is my brain doesn't have to distract me so I won't think about those feelings, emotions, anger etc.. I'm already thinking about them and am consciously aware of how its manifesting itself into physical pain ..
  2. BeWell

    BeWell Well known member

    Dr. Sarno talks about this in his book, 'Healing Back Pain'. If you have not read the book, I suggest reading the entire book, slowly. Let it seep in, deep, deeper, into your soul. Okay, that is words from 'Buffalo Stance'. But do it!

    One, the symptoms are distraction from unconscious emotions. Conscious feelings are not the source of pain.

    Two, because people cannot feel consciously what is going on in the unconscious, it is your option to visualize all those hardcore, primal feelings the unconscious caveman mind is fretting over. Use conscious imagination so your attention is on psychologic causation of the pain. This way you will ignore the physical pain and thereby ruin the strategy of the brain. The distraction of pain that is a protective shield to keep the eyes away from emotion in the unconscious that is scary.

    It is all in the book. Happy reading and best of luck.
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  3. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    I agree with BeWell. Sarno says that what we are aware of isn't the cause of our TMS. I'd discuss this with your TMS therapist. He/she can help you look deeper. In my opinion, we can eventually uncover the unconscious reasons for our TMS, or at least make a pretty good guess at what they are.
  4. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    Agree with Ellen and BeWell above. Dr. Sarno says it's not necessary to do psychological archeology to dig up the black bullet in your past to solve the TMS pain. All that's necessary is to learn and believe in his TMS theory, that the pain is psychosomatic. That it is emanating from the subconscious--it is benign and will fade away when the TMS KNOWLEDGE PENICILLIN is absorbed by the mind.
  5. DLott

    DLott New Member

    Thanks for the replies guys, I think my TMS roadblock of not being able to get rid of my excruciating back pain is my job. It all starts and ends with my job, and the sad thing is I am the boss , I own my own business and don't have to answer to anyone . It's just that there is a lot of responsibility and pressure and day to day issues that I absolutely can't stand dealing with, but I've been in it too long and make too much money to quit. I hate it , but I can't get out of it. On weekends and after a few days away I can tell I feel better for the most part. Hell I can even exercise and jog, I can jog several miles and it feels great , the endorphin rush is a great release for my frustration. On the flip side my back can hurt so bad at times throughout the day with work anxiety that all I can do is barely make it home and just wanna take a hot shower and lay on the couch because my back hurts so bad. It's crazy I've read the Sarno books and have been dealing with the knowledge for over a year but just can't make any progress.
  6. BeWell

    BeWell Well known member

    Hi DLott,

    We may think of what the trigger is or we may notice patterns when the pain comes on, and therefore we attribute that pattern as how pain should begin. This is how the mind is conditioned, we program ourselves and blame the outside world. Our reaction to emotions and personality generates and renews these tensions of feeling that is often buried beyond awareness.

    Whatever stress, frustration, anger, fear of quitting and losing money that you have thought of, imagine how much worse those are in the unconscious mind. And why did your personality develop as it has? You can think about with imagination how to replace ideas of the self with new inspired ideas for growth of self if desired. These are questions we can all face when we think about it.

    The pain is not important. The mind is causing pain with harmless reduced oxygen to tissue. Only a mental process will reverse the strategy of distracting your mind to think about your body when your back hurts.

    Forget about the back pain and focus on how to transform your internal feelings. The conscious emotions, and imagine the same for the unconscious feelings. Transform anger, fear, all the negative things the mind is distracting from, and replace them with something better.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2016

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