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Connecting symptoms to time-of-day

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Ready2heal, Dec 14, 2022.

  1. Ready2heal

    Ready2heal New Member

    I've had a whole bunch of very different symptoms over the years. For the last ~4 years, I have burped uncontrollably, sometimes hundreds of times between the time I lay my head down and the time I fall asleep (during the day too, but less so). It makes no difference whether my bedtime is at 9:00pm or 2:00am, whether I ate dinner early or late, or if I'm stressed or not. I think it's a conditioned response of some sort.

    A few months ago, before I discovered TMS, I started to wonder what this meant. The more I thought about it, the more I began to wonder if my symptoms were trauma-related. Indeed, 90% of the trauma I experienced in my life happened after I laid down for bed.

    Well, since discovering TMS, I started practicing tuning in with my feelings when I lay down for bed. I let my inner child express her feelings of worthlessness and shame while telling her she is safe now and I will protect her. This alone helps me decrease my burps by like 50%.

    I wondering if others have discovered any other useful stratgies for "time-of-day" symptoms or digestive symptoms (like burping & bloating) that I might borrow. Thank you!
  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Well, yes. If they really are psychosomatic , I have found that CONDITIONING is at the heart of the matter.

    The battle against conditioning is really a battle against our ego because our 'intellect' tells us "Because I understand conditioning it won't happening to me" OR "Well, yes I WAS conditioned but now that I have learned about it I am immune to it." Both false.

    I had horrible sciatica in the Left leg. Then , everyday at about 3-4 pm it moved to the Right leg. As I recovered from TMS ,I thought back to the day it first bothered me on the Right side. I was working on a job with a deadline. I had Made my deadline and was cleaning up, when the Boss (Who knew I was in pain and had actually begged me to delay a surgery) added DAYS of extra work to my job.... my reward for being on time was to be flooded with more responsibility...and to be of course, late and made to look bad.

    Obviously I was in an unconscious RAGE, But.. the 'professional responsible' voice said "Sure.. No problem!" while the inside ID said "Are you out of your F-ing mind!". To make sure the ID didn't get heard, I instantaneously felt a shot of agonizing pain down my RIGHT leg...and from then on until I found Sarno, it continued the pattern....left leg in the morning, right leg after 3-4 pm.

    All of us have different patterns , but I believe if each one of us looks into those patterns you might discover their Purpose and ALL TMS symptoms are there for a reason. I do notice that many times when I am only 'medium' angry, I won't have any symptoms UNTIL I try to relax...right when I curl up with a book after a stressful day, OUCH, but spasm...foot, jaw..whatever. So, I set the book down and feeling the symptom try and reflect on what is going on in my life to necessitate THAT symptom.

    Whenever they are on a schedule, mu first thought ;Conditioning
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